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Next Week’s Preorders: HORUS HERESY! New Box, Tanks, Dice…

All of the following (aside from anything Forge World) will be up for preorder next Saturday at 10am! Preorder through one of our Element Games links to save yourself some cash AND help us out!

Horus Heresy, second edition, in plastic. It’s here folks. BRACE YOURSELVES.

All of the below will be up for preorder on Saturday, with release in two weeks time.

Leading the charge is the box we’ve all been waiting for (Matt and Jay in particular).

Here’s a full run through of what is up for preorder, courtesy of Warhammer Community:

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – The Age of Darkness

This is the big box to end all others – an absolutely colossal set containing an inordinate amount of plastic, plus everything else you need to start fighting epic battles to decide the fate of the galaxy. It’s available in English, French, and German.

SundayPreview May29 HH 01 BoxSet

You get a mammoth 54 plastic miniatures – that’s two Legion Praetors, 10 Cataphractii Terminators, 40 highly customisable Tactical Space Marines in Mk VI power armour, one Contemptor Dreadnought, and one Spartan Assault Tank. This is the basis of two substantial forces, or one incredibly mighty army – and all but the Terminators are completely new models.

There’s a 336-page hardback rulebook filled to bursting with everything you need to know, including extensive background information on one of the richest science fiction settings in the world, as well as comprehensive rules for this tactically rich tabletop wargame. There’s also a 36-page construction guide for all your lovely new models, introductory army lists for all the models you get in the box, and two four-page rules reference sheets.

SundayPreview May29 HH 04 BoxSetBooks

It doesn’t stop there. You also get 20 six-sided dice, one six-sided scatter dice, two blast templates, one flame template, two classic-style red plastic measuring sticks, and a transfer sheet for good measure. In short – it’s huge.

SundayPreview May29 HH 05 BoxSetAccessories

And that’s not even all! If you order the set directly from the Games Workshop webstore, you’ll bag yourself an exclusive reaction token and card set (while stocks last). That means eight metal tokens and a deck of eight cards to keep track of the game’s six Reactions and two Advanced Reactions detailed in the main rulebook.

SundayPreview May29 HH 06 TokensCards

Liber Astartes

The Liber Astartes is Loyalists’ bible, the complete repository of rules, lore, and unit profiles for each of the nine Legiones Astartes who kept the faith and stayed true to their Emperor.

SundayPreview May29 HH 07 LiberAstartes

This weighty 344-page hardback tome is unstintingly comprehensive, cramming in everything a Loyalist general requires to field a Loyalist Legiones Astartes army in games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. There are shared profiles for many units common to every Legion, plus unique rules for the nine, including Unit Profiles, Warlord Traits, Rites of War, Wargear, Faction Abilities, and Unique Reactions. It is available in English, French, and German.

The Liber Hereticus

Ignore the mewling of the lackwit lapdogs who comprise the armies of the false Emperor – the Liber Hereticus is the only tome any serious commander requires in the Age of Darkness.

SundayPreview May29 HH 08 LiberHereticus

This 352-page hardback contains the full roster, rules, and background for all nine Traitor Legions, so you can wage war for the glory of the Ruinous Powers. It includes shared unit profiles, plus unique units for each Legion, as well as Warlord Traits, Rites of War, Wargear, Faction Abilities, and Unique Reactions. It is available in English, French, and German.

Legiones Astartes Special Weapons Upgrade Set

SundayPreview May29 HH 20 SpecialWeaps

When a bolter and chainsword won’t do the business, the Tactical Squads of the Legiones Astartes turn to special weapons, forming Legion Tactical Support Squads. With six varieties to choose from in this comprehensive set of upgrades, no battlefield conundrum will go unanswered. This set contains 10 weapons each of six types – flamers, plasma guns, meltaguns, rotor cannons, volkite chargers, and volkite calivers. They’re designed to fit seamlessly onto the Mk VI Tactical Squad, with hands moulded onto the guns to fit your Space Marines’ arms.

Legiones Astartes Heavy Weapons Upgrade Set (Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters)

SundayPreview May29 HH 21 HBMissiles

Sometimes you have to bring the really big guns, and that’s where this set of 10 missile launchers, 10 heavy bolters, and associated arms comes in. These are fully compatible with the Mk VI Tactical Squad, allowing you to build them into a Legion Heavy Support Squad to hammer away at hard targets.

Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

Talking of hard targets, here’s the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank – a battlefield behemoth that’ll send your seven-foot sci-fi supersoldiers scampering for safety. It’s tough, fast, and positively bristling with arcane armaments, which you can customise to your dark heart’s content. There are three options for the turret gun, four apiece for the hull weapons and the sponsons, nine choices of pintle gun, plus dozer blades, searchlights, and gunners. Better yet, you can field this beast in squadrons of two.

SundayPreview May29 HH 09 Kratos

The Kratos will be earning itself a Warhammer 40,000 datasheet to boot. While it’s rare on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, it’s not extinct – and it packs just the same wallop.

Deimos Pattern Rhino

Based on ancient, forgotten STC technology, the humble Rhino has been humanity’s workhorse APC for longer than anyone can remember, and the variant that saw most use in the 31st Millennium was the Deimos.

SundayPreview May29 HH 10 DiemosRhino

This valiant chariot is based on one of the earliest tank designs ever created by Games Workshop, albeit with a vastly improved kit brought bang up to date for the 3rd Millennium. It’s the perfect way to ferry your footslogging Legion Tactical Squads between objectives.

Mk III Tactical Squad

SundayPreview May29 HH 11 MkIII

If Space Marines in Mk VI “Corvus” armour are simply too new-fangled for your tastes, these marines in Mk III “Iron” armour might just be sufficiently old-school. This is an existing set of plastic sculpts which has been repackaged for the new edition – but this time you get 20 highly detailed multipose Legiones Astartes in a single box.

Mk IV Tactical Squad

SundayPreview May29 HH 12 MkIV

The multipose plastic Mk IV Tactical Squad is also being rereleased for the glorious new edition of the Warhammer: Horus Heresy. Once again, you get 20 highly detailed Space Marines in “Maximus” armour ready to join your Legion and defend/conquer the Imperium of Man (delete as appropriate).

Ahzek Ahriman

SundayPreview May29 HH 13 Ahriman

The Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons Legion was one of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy at the time of the Horus Heresy. Previously only available in the out-of-print Burning of Prospero set, Ahriman’s plastic model is being released separately for the first time – so any Thousand Sons commander can get the drop on the enemy by manipulating fate and redeploying units at the last moment.

Carta Galactica: The Imperium of Mankind

SundayPreview May29 HH 14 Map

The Imperium of Mankind, you say? Sounds pretty big. What does it look like? We’re glad you asked – this map shows the entire Imperium as it stood at the cusp of the Horus Heresy as the 31st Millennium dawned. It’s printed on a massive 1,000mm x 890mm fold-out poster, and it’s the essential guide to the galactic state of play.

The Horus Heresy Legion Transfer Sheets

SundayPreview May29 HH 18 Transfers

Make your new army your own with 18 separate transfer sheets – one for each Legion. Each of these contains more than 500 decals, including vehicle markings, script, and assorted infantry markings, tailored to your chosen side.

The Horus Heresy Legion Dice

SundayPreview May29 HH 19 Dice

Likewise, you can pledge yourself fully to your chosen Legion with one of 18 sets of themed dice. You get 20 six-sided dice in each set, in the colours of the corresponding Legion – one of which is a scatter dice. Each Legion has its emblem stamped on the 6 face.

In-store Swag

SundayPreview May29 HH 15 StoreSwag

The celebrations don’t end there. Pop down to your local Warhammer store from next Saturday and you’ll be able to snaffle themed loot including lodge coins, keyrings, pin badges, and vehicle damage counters (while stocks last – speak to your store manager for details). What’s more, the lodge coin will be available from selected independent stockists.

his smörgasboard of Horus Heresy goodness doesn’t stop there – the fine minds at Forge World are also getting in on the action.

The Primarchs

SundayPreview May29 Primarchs1

What’s a Legion without its gene-sire? All 18 Primarchs are being repackaged for the new edition – perfect if you want to bring some more serious star power to your battles for the fate of a galaxy. These guys are all already available from Forge World, but you will be able to pre-order them from the Games Workshop webstore from next Saturday, to arrive at the same time as your Age of Darkness box.

SundayPreview May29 Primarchs2

Each Primarch has been exquisitely rendered in incredibly detailed resin, ready to lead their Legions to victory/defeat (delete as appropriate). These stunning models also make for fantastic painting projects.*

Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists Mk VI Heads and Shoulder Pads

SundayPreview May29 HH 16 IFUpgrades
SundayPreview May29 HH 17 SoHUpgrades

Forge World is also releasing a set of 11 resin heads and 10 sculpted shoulder pads for every Legion. The Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus are the first two Legions to get this bespoke treatment – pick from noble knights or their twisted, skull-faced inversions, with more to come in future. These are all available to pre-order from this Saturday, arriving from the 18th of June.

You’ll also be able to pick up a range of game accessories that were previously only available through Forge World, including including scatter dice, the templates from the Age of Darkness box, and three larger templates for the biggest and most brutal weapons in the whole setting.


SundayPreview May29 ME 01 Grimbeorn

The leader of the Beornings, Grimbeorn is a taciturn woodsman who lives between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains, holding off Sauron’s marauding armies. He is a shapechanger, and can turn into a fearsome bear to unleash his primal fury on the forces of Evil. This set comes with two resin models – Grimbeorn as a man and as a bear.


SundayPreview May29 ME 02 Beornings

The Beornings are a hardy people – strong, tough, and fierce. They defend their forest homes against Sauron’s orcs, wielding great axes and solid bows of yew. This set contains three resin Beornings.

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