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Thondian Strongpoint Unboxing and Incarnate Size Comparison – Warhammer Age of Sigmar

If you have checked out our recent review of Season of War Thondia, then you will know there is a big box of scenery coming alongside the book packed with new terrain and the brand new Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur! Thanks to Games Workshop we have a copy to unbox and show off just how big the new Incardnate is!

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So let’s dig into this mighty box and see just what is within in our unboxing video!

So first things first this is a big sturdy box jam packed with sprues!

Now some of the stuff is a little older, with the 2 buildings and statue from the Age of Sigmar Starter Set – but these are still great kits and are very easy to build up and get on the table in no time at all!

We also get a new floating island with waterfall that is very reminiscent of the Lumineth Terrain piece. Very much looking forward to building and painting this one up!

The other new scenery piece in the box is the Magmadroth Skeleton, and this thing looks amazing!

As you can see below it is quite big when assembled, and I want a couple of these to complete my desert battlefield! The entire thing is actually in 3 pieces once finished, so could actually be used as a number of smaller pieces of scatter terrain or some large single piece! Also the jaw swings open and closed too!

Now the real star of the show is the Incarnate itself, and it is much bigger than I though it would be!

As you can see below he towers over poor Mr Ven Denst, and can even look Be’lakor in the eye! I suspect we will see more of these from different realms, and feel they will fit in more armies than Endless Spells have done in the past!

In the box you also get 2 double sided playing boards allowing you to put together the contents of the box to have a battlefield that will easily fit on a dining room table! If you want to expand it simply add another two tiles for enough space for full 2000 point games of Age of Sigmar

I’m looking forward to getting this all build and painted and starting a fresh Path to Glory adventure set in Thondia! It’s a shame this isn’t all available separately at the moment, however if you want an entire battlefield’s worth of scenery, a surface to play on plus the new Incarnate then this box will offer great value over picking up the contents separately.

If you want to learn more about Season of War Thondia then why not check out out full review or watch the below video?

The Thondian Strongpoint is currently up for pre order and is released on Saturday!

Games Workshop provided Sprues & Brews a copy for review purposes

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