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Next Week’s Preorders: Norse Take to the Field in Blood Bowl!

Another week, another preview of what is up for preorder next weekend!

This week is dedicated to a new team for Blood Bowl, The Norse!

Announced only a few weeks ago at Adepticon, these burly vikings are taking to the field, and something tells me they are looking for a punch up along the way. That, and ale.

So what exactly is up for preorder next Saturday from 10am?

As always, we’d greatly appreciate you clicking through one of our Element Games links, saving you pennies off the RRP and helping us to continue what we do!

First and foremost, we have the team in plastic, the Norsca Rampagers.

This box contains all the models you’d need to start your own Norse Blood Bowl team, including all the tokens and of course, beer pigs!

I wonder how the team will play…looks like I may need the rules, of which can be found within…

…Issue 14 of the Spike! magazine! Apparently it also includes rules for using your Norse players within Dungeon Bowl too. Bonus!

Then their is a whole heap of extras. The team cards are also handy, unique team dice are always nice to have as well as a Norse Pitch for that home advantage.

All four of the previously previewed Star Players will be up for preorder via Forge World. Slightly unusually timed, as normally Forge World items go up for preorder on Fridays…these three will instead be up for preorder at the same times as everything else.

First we have The Yhetee:

Then we have Skrorg Snowpelt:

Up next is Thorsson Stoutmead:

And finally, to round them off is Ivar Eriksson!

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