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Next Week’s Preorders: Tyranids! Thondia! Made to Order Stuff!

All of the following is up for preorder from 10am on Saturday. If you wish to devour planets cheaper, then why not preorder through one of our Element Game links, which will also help us out!

Well, the galaxy had a good run. Time to get devoured.

The latest Warhammer 40,000 Codex is up for preorder next week, and this time it’s the Tyranids getting the 9th Edition treatment.

Warhammer Community have been teasing them for a few weeks now, and those who follow the Hive Fleets will be pleased to have the book in their hands soon. I know I can’t wait to get Hive Fleet Behemoth on the table again!

So what exactly is up for preorder next week?

First of all we have the Codex itself.

As is the norm, the standard version is also accompanied by the limited edition version.

As is also the norm, the new Codex means new Datacards AND new dice!

Even though I run Behemoth, so tempted to get those lovely purple dice…

A new model is also being released with the book, the Parasite of Mortrex.

Finally to finish off this wave of Tyranid releases, their is a new Combat Patrol box which includes a Hive Tyrant, a unit of 3 Tyranid Warriors and 36 Hormagaunts.

Now we all might be feeling a little nostalgic this week, with the recent bombshell that Squats are returning, so for those wanting to keep up the nostalga, GW are doing a made to order run of (very) classic Space Marine Captains. You can check them out in the WarCom article, but here is a couple of examples of what will be available to order for one week only.

Heck, maybe you’ll want to pick one up for your Horus Heresy army!

Stepping away from 40k, Age of Sigmar isn’t being left out, as Season of War: Thondia is up for preorder.

This is shaping up to be a must for anyone wanting Path to Glory content for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Along side the standard and limited version of the book is a battlefield in a box, complete with the Krondspine Incarnate! The box is called Realmscape: Thondian Strongpoint, and I’m super tempted to try and get hold of this.

The box comes with a board big enough for small games of Sigmar, and if you are looking to expand the battlefield you can also preorder Realmscape: Thondian Expanse.

Finally, some classic Middle-Earth sets are back as a made to order run for one week only, all centred around the Fellowship of the Ring’s 20th anniversary.

The Fellowship of the Ring, The Battle at Khazad-dûm, Escape from Orthanc, Attack at Weathertop and Ambush at Amon Hen will all be available to order.

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