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Horus Heresy Last Chance to Buy – A Hint At Future Heresy Plastic Kits!

If you missed the explosive news coming out of Adepticon yesterday – Yes, there is a brand new edition of The Horus Heresy on the way! Now titled Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, the game promises to be a revision of the classic 40k 7th edition ruleset that the original game was based on. Games Workshop even put together an absolutely outstanding cinematic trailer showing off the new edition, and while we don’t see any miniatures, we do see a couple of new tanks that might be coming to the tabletop…

Now rumours are flying around about a limited big box containing a hardback rulebook and filled with enough plastic to make an entire Heresy army (Including a plastic Spartan and Contemptor if rumours are to be believed) followed by the 3 sizes of starter box that Games Workshop tend to put out these days again rumoured to be built around contents similar to the classic Betrayal at Calth boxed game. I’m sure Games Workshop will start dripping information and reveals over the next couple of months, as new editions tend to land for a summer release!

Today, we have seen another interesting development in that a large number of essential Horus Heresy resin Forge World kits are now marked as Last Chance to Buy!

This is quite a list of kits that most current Horus Heresy would use as the core of their armies:



All Contemptor Weapons


Deimos Rhino

MK IV Armour


Now, for starters we know we will be getting a new plastic MK IV kit, as Warhammer Community have already shared that news!

It seems that one of the big drives of the new edition is to make it a “main line” game and as such make it accessible for all players by having the core kits needed to create an army available in Warhammer stores. Now I don’t expect we will see Primarchs and Legion specific units make the transition to plastic yet (Though that’s not to say that they don’t in the future!) however, I do think that this list of Last Chance to Buy miniatures gives us insight into what kits we may see in the initial wave!

The Spartan and Contemptor are long leaked from images that have been circulating for around a year now, however it is interesting that all the weapon options are also last chance to buy while the Legion specific Contemptors are remaining. I suspect we will see a core Contemptor sprue bundled with an additional weapon sprue that can then be sold separately in a clam pack for use with arming the resin legion specific dreads. This allows them to replace all these different SKUs with plastic kits that can be easily picked up by all hobbiests!

The Rhino is also a no brainer – it’s an iconic tank, and the original MK1 shape is much loved by collectors. With this they could potentially phase out the current Rhino kit and replace it with the Horus Heresy equivalent.

The Sicaren is an interesting one, and it could be that this forms a duel kit with the new tank seen in the trailer which seems to have a Predator style turret.

The Leviathan is also a surprise, but a welcome one – as I’m sure many Horus Heresy players would eat up a plastic kit for them!

Traditionally, when a new edition launches we have a number of kits for the 2 factions in the box – what’s great about Warhammer: The Horus Heresy is that this “sprue budget” can be used to change a large number of current kits to plastic! It also leaves the door open for more exciting things in the future too – Mechanicum of Mars and Dark Mechanicus, The Solar Auxilia or the Daemons of the Ruinstorm would all be amazing lines to get plastic models of. Games Workshop can also use it as an opportunity to replace some of the older plastic Space Marine kits with Horus Heresy branded ones giving us the potential for new devastator squads and assault squads more in line with the resin upgrade kits from Forge World.

The future looks very bright for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, and we can’t wait to see what is coming!


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