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Next Week’s Preorders! Eldar Overload! Tempest of War! Warhammer Preview!

All of the following is up for preorder next Saturday from 10am! Help us out by using our affiliate links for Element Games, and save yourself some pennies too!

Eldar fans! The next wave of new releases are all up for preorder next week!

Let’s run through them, starting with the biggest mini of the range…the Avatar!

Multiple heads…weapons….this mini is amazing!

Next up, are those Eldar Knights on Jetbikes, the Aspect Warriors known as the Shining Spears!

We then have the contents of Eldritch Omen available to buy on their own, starting with the Autarch!

Sniping from a distance, the Rangers are up next.

Rangers, on jet bikes, with sniper rifles? Can only be the Aeldari Shroud Runners.

Finally, to round out the mass of Eldar stuff, they have a brand new Combat Patrol, which in my opinion is one of the best yet!

A Farseer, unit of Guardians, Windrunners and a Wraithlord!

The final preorder of the week is something we haven’t seen yet for this edition of Warhammer 40,000, mission cards!

Called Tempest of War, these allow you to randomly generate missions to play. Looking forward to checking these out.

Before we wrap up this post, two other things worth mentioning. The next batch of models disappearing from the website has been revealed as part of the range rotation:

And finally, another Warhammer Preview is coming! As part of Adepticon, next Thursday morning at 2am we’ll get to see shiny new stuff!

What could we see? We’ll be speculating on next weeks podcast for sure!

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