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Next Week’s Preorders: Necromunda Van Saar Reinforcements and Middle-Earth Returning Minis! Battleforces Incoming!

All of the following are up for preorder next weekend! (Forge World preorders go live on Friday, everything else Saturday). Why not preorder through our Element Ganes links, save some pennies on RRP and help us out too!

Interestingly, the first preorder is a Chaos character for Age of Sigmar, that originally was going to be an event mini.

Holga Clovenhorn is a Aspiring champion for Slaves to Darkness and arrives in GW’s website next Saturday. No preorder window for her, so she’ll be straight up available to buy.

Next up is a raft of returning minis for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game. A real mix of characters including Kardûsh the Firecaller, Thranduil and The White Council.

Next up we move over to Forge World, as they have a plethora of new models coming out for House Van Saar for Necromunda.

We have the amazing looking Arachni-rig.

The Champion in Carapace Armour with Cyberachnids is up next.

And finally for the Van Saar, the Champions in Mesh and Flak Armour.

Whilst that’s all the preorders, that isn’t the full news from today!

On Thursday Games Workshop will be lifting the lid on this festive season’s Battleforces, for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

These tend to be a brilliant way of adding to your current armies, or starting a new army in the New Year.

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