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Next Week – Black Templars! No 2021 Christmas Battleforce Boxes?

Another week, another round of pre orders from Games Workshop! And this time we see the entire black Templars range go up for order, but with a release date of Black Friday (26th November). In the past we have seen Games Workshop release big boxed games on that release slot, so I suspect the long rumoured Horus Heresy set has been delayed until next year!

Just check out all the goodies on the way for the Black Templars! If you would like to support the site then why not pre order through our affiliate Element Games and save yourself some money too!

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 01 Helbrecht
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 02 Grimaldus
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 03 EmpChamp
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 04 Marshal
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 05 Castellan
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 06 Crusaders
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 07 SwordBrethren
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 08 Codex
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 09 Upgrades
SundayPreview Nov7 BT 10 Cards Dice

There’s also a really nice Chaplain on the way that was previously only available as one of the Space Marine Heroes blind boxes!

SundayPreview Nov7 BT 11 Chaplain

It seems that we might not be getting any Christmas Battleforce Boxes for 2021, as they would traditionally be up for pre order during this window too – We have seen some discounts and voucher deals on Games Workshop over the last few weeks, so perhaps we might see something a little different this year!

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