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Today’s Preorders! Adeptus Mechanicus, Soulblight Gravelords & More!

A raft of new goodies has just gone up for preorder! Hit this link to save 20% by buying through Element Games AND help our website!

Let’s kick things off in the Mortal Realms!

We’ve got another wave of Soulblight Gravelords up for grabs!

Start Collecting! Soulblight Gravelords is perfect for those after a Deathrattle themed force.

Have you SEEN these new Dire Wolves? Awoof!

The first of her line…Belladamma Volga is our first character up for preorder this week.

Radukar the Beast is well…a beast.

Missed out on Cursed City? Here’s another chance to pick up Radukar the Wolf and Radukar’s Court. (This one is only available direct from GW)

Kritza, the Rat Prince, must secretly have a soft spot for the Skaven, right?!

She’ll give you nightmares, Lady Annika is also up for preorder!

For Warhammer Underworlds we’ve got Kainan’s Reapers. The Bonereapers are entering Direchasm!

That’s all of the Age of Sigmar preorders, now for 40K!

The Adeptus Mechanicus have a new Codex for 9th Edition! Not only can you preorder the Codex, but also the Datacards.

Some snazzy Dice are also up for preorder. These are super limited in number we hear!

Just the one new mini with this launch, a brand new HQ choice, the Skitarii Marshall!

We also have a new Combat Patrol, featuring a Tech-Priest, 10 Rangers/Vanguard, 3 Breachers/Destroyers and a Dunecrawler.

Lelith Hesperax is now up for preorder on her own for Drukhari fans

The contents of Pariah Nexus, the Kill Team expansion, are now up for preorder. We’ve got the Chronomancer, Flayed Ones, Heavy Intercessors and Space Marine Captain.

Wrapping up the preorders for today we’ve got two new Combat Patrols, one for the Space Marines, the other for Necrons.

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