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Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition on the way this summer! What we know so far


Well, the big news that we wanted to hear just got announced at Warhammer Fest – Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3rd Edition is on the way!

FestDay6 May8 AoS Art1h

It sounds like things are not great for the forces of Order – Be’lakor’s actions in Broken Realms Be’lakor have caused the Stormcast Eternals to no longer have the ability to return to Azyr upon their death, and Chaos has consumed the Mortal Realms. But Grungni, the Duardin god of the forge has created Thunderstrike Armour allowing the creation of the Stormcast Vindictors and a new way of returning to Azyr, and oh boy are they stunning looking!

FestDay6 May8 AoS Minis4n

Warhammer Community have got a tasty assortment of images of the Stormcast and these are without a doubt the best looking Stormcast models we have ever seen! In addition to the line troops of the Vindicators we also get the heavily armoured Annihilators!

FestDay6 May8 AoS Minis3k

These massive brutes apparently have a 2+ save and it sounds like they even do impact hits on the charge due to the sheer mass of them! They are also led by another incredible model, Yndrasta The Celestial Spear!

FestDay6 May8 AoS Minis1b

Wow, just wow! And I assume this is a model from the starter box too! Talk about making you want to collect a Stormcast army! This looks like it’s going to be a joy to paint and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

We don’t know who the Stormcast are facing off against in the new box, however they did end the preview with a teaser… personally I think there is a very good chance that we could be seeing the return of the Fimir, or something similar – perhaps as part of Kragnos’s faction!

Rulewise we don’t know much at the moment – an interview with the design team suggests that they have broken up the rules to make them as cohesive and clear as possible and eliminate any ambiguity or rules anomalies. The double turn, which to me is a key part of the game is staying – however now you generate more command points if you opt to go second!

Speaking of Command Points, it sounds like we are going to get something closer to Warhammer 40k with more ways of spending command points and more of them gained a turn than we currently do, perhaps something more like the points generated by the Ossiarch Bonereapers.

It also sounds that army building has changed considerably too, moving away from Warscroll Battalions and towards something called “Core Battalions” – Is this perhaps more like the force org charts in 40k, maybe with different numbers of command points generated based on which one you use to form your army from.

It also sounds like the main narrative is set in the Realm of Beasts, which is suitably fitting if we do get a new destruction force in the box.

So when is Age of Sigmar 3rd edition out? We don’t currently know when it is released, however traditionally Games Workshop’s core games tend to get a release date of June or July, meaning that we have only a couple of months to wait until this exciting new edition drops!

Over the week we’ll be discussing everything we would like to see in the new edition, so watch this space!


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