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Games Workshop Collectable Coins – A look at the storage book!

Since November, every Warhammer and Games Workshop store has been giving away a different collectable coin each month themed around whatever the big release was that month! If you have been collecting all the coins so far, you can head into your local store, show the staff your collection of coins and they will give you an awesome storage book to display them in! As resident hoarder of shiny items, I’ve been picking up this range to be sure to have all 6 coins so far! And so, this morning I headed to Warhammer Crewe to pick up the 7th coin (Ghal Maraz) and the book itself!

The book itself is really pretty, with a printed leather style cover and the Warhammer logo on the front it’s already a really nice thing to add to the collection. It’s made of a heavy cardstock, similar to the feel of a Games Master screen for roleplaying games and so is quite a weighty thing! In some of the initial photos I was a little concerned it was just going to be a thin lightweight card book, so I’m really impressed with how sturdy it feels

Inside there is a foam tray with indentations for you to place your coins into. Again, this looks really nice and holds the coins snugly, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out! I think the collection looks great contained within this, and I’m looking forward to getting the final 5 coins and being able to keep this as a nice memento of the year in hobby!

Store exclusives are a nice way of getting people back into physical stores, and hope Games Workshop continue this with a second series of coins into the next year!

Have you been collecting the coins? What are your thoughts on the range and do you want to see more of these in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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