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Next Week’s Preorders! ALL of the Lumineth, Word Bearers and White Scar Action Figure!

Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on what’s up for preorder next Saturday from 10am! Click our Element Games banners/links to nab them at a discount price and help support the site at the same time!

Fan of the Lumineth? Well your wallet/purse maybe screaming in agony as if gripped by Slaanesh next week!

Kicking off the preorders…

Word Bearers Legion Praetor and Terminator Praetor

From Forge World and up for preorder on Friday is the Word Bearers Legion Praetor and Terminator Praetor that were revealed what felt like ages ago!

White Scars Primaris Intercessor Action Figure

For one week only you can preorder a White Scars action figure from Bandai! These will be made to order.

Broken Realms: Teclis

Featuring some fantastic new lore as Teclis and Nagash kick off with each other, this book also contains all the new datasheets for the Lumineth Realm-lords as they have a whole ton of new models (more on those shortly).

We also have new rules for the Flesh Eater courts, Cities of Sigmar, Ossiarch Bonereapers and Maggotkin of Nurgle!

The book will be available in normal and limited edition, as well as epub.

Also, 4 box sets will be up for preorder to represent forces mentioned in the book.

Right, this next section is big.

Lumineth Realm-lords

The updated battletome for the Realm-lords is up for preorder. Warcom have stated those who own the original could just buy Broken Realms. If you prefer everything in one place however, go for the latest Battletome too.

Now, here’s the painful part Lumineth fans. Every new model announced are coming out in one week. No multiple release weeks!

So that means next Saturday we have up for preorder:

Lyrior Uthralle, Warden of Ymetrica/Lord Regent

Hurakan Windchargers

Vanari Bannerblade

Scinari Calligrave

Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind/Hurakan Spirits of the Wind

Hurakan Windmage

Vanari Starshard Ballistas

Vanari Bladelords

Scinari Loreseeker

Ellania and Ellathor, Eclipsian Warsages

Shrine Luminor

Warscroll Cards: Lumineth Realm-lords

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