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Warhammer 40k Imperium Magazine – Breaking Down The Contents Value

So yesterday we have some really exciting news about the upcoming Hachette Partworks magazine series Warhammer 40,000 Imperium – Today we are going to have a dig into the contents and see if the series is worth it for the money and just what you get!

As you can see from this overview shot there are an awful lot of models in this collection, covering the Space Marines (In particular the Ultramarines), Adeptus Mechanicus, Sisters of Battle and Necrons – plus a stack of scenery to complete the range!

So let’s get our magnifying glass out and look at what’s in store for us!

Ultramarines – Space Marines

3 Outriders £36.50

Invader ATV £26.50

Firestrike Servo Turret £21

3 Aggressors £30

Primaris Librarian in Phobos Armour £ 20

Start Collecting! Vanguard Space Marines £60 (Contains Lt in Probos, 10 Infiltrators, 3 Eliminators, 3 Supressors)

13 Easy Build Assault Intercessors £30 (10 multi part ones are £36.50 – so have reduced this price a tad as the Easy Build kit isn’t available separately)

Primaris Lt £15 (Not available individually, so have dropped the price here a little based on availability in start sets)

Marneus Calgar and Honour Guard £ 32.50

Robute Guilliman £37.50

Exclusive Model £25 (Not going to be available separately, and will probably go for silly money on eBay)

Total Value – £309

Sisters of Battle – Adepta Sororitas

Contains the plastic contents of the Launch Box – as these are not multipart kit I would probably cost this in line with Combat Patrol boxes at around £85. Believe I would be doing you guys a disservice if I listed them a the costs of the multipart kits.

The Launch box had: 10 Battle Sisters, Cannoness, Penitant Engine, 5 Seraphim, a Repentia Squad and a unit of Arco-Flagellants

Total Value – £85ish

Adeptus Mechanicus

10 Skitarri £27.50

Tech priest Dominus £22.50

3 Kataphron £35

Total Value – £85

Total Imperium army value £479

Not a bad start, and that is only half of the models in the magazine run! Next up we have the Necrons!


23 Necron Warriors (Plus 6 Scarab bases) £58 (two sets plus 3 additional models originally from the painting kit)

Royal Warden £15 (like with the Primaris Lt I’m giving this a low ball value as he isnt available seperatly)

Necrons Royal Court £68 (Contains Skorpekh Lord, Plasmancer, Murder Buckets and the good old Reanimator)

10 Immortals / Deathmarks £50

3 Skorpekh Destroyers £34.50

5 Lychguard £30

Necron Overlord (with Scythe) £17.50

3 Tomb Blades £30

Annihilation barge £30

Necron Destroyer £10

3 x Canoptek Wraiths £32.50

Cryptek £20

Triarch Stalker £32.50

Lokhurst Heavy Destroyer £21

Canoptek Spyder £25

5 Flayed Ones £30? (These are the new plastic ones from Kill Team Pariah Nexus)

Chronomancer £21? (Again the new guy from Kill Team Pariah Nexus)

Total Necron Value £525

This puts the models in the series at a value of £1004

That’s pretty impressive, but we have some scenery in the range too!


Haemotrope Reactor £30

Munitorum Armoured Containers £32.50

2 x Sub Cloister and Storage Fane £70

Pipes £20 (Not available separately, so using an approximate price here)

Total Scenery Value £152.50

That gives us a grand total of £1156.50 of models over the run of the magazine! But, we will also be getting paints and brushes along with the run of the magazine, so that actually increases the value further – I will update this post with the values of paints as we get them for a running grand total

For 80 issues at £8.99 it will cost you account £719 for the entire 20 month run of the magazine, which saves you around £437.50 on what you get in models over the course of the run (Plus any value of paints that we get too!) Being able to collect 2 entire armies plus enough terrain for them to fight over seems like a great deal – and I will be picking this up myself! Issues where you can get an expensive kit for just £8.99 will also prove majorly popular too and can see people getting multiples to fill out their armies! Thanks again to Fauxhammer for the original images we showed off yesterday!


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