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Weekly Hobby Updates | Week 8 (Kill Team Special!)

It’s time to look back at last weeks hobbying! The eagle eyed among you will notice I missed week 7. Apologies, was too busy painting and filming, as your about to see!

Dave’s Progress

Very much a Kill Team special this week, and to kick start us off I built and painted the Necron half of Pariah Nexus!

That’s one Chronomancer and 5 Flayed ones!

Other than that I also filmed the unboxing of Kill Team Pariah Nexus.

Matt’s Progress

Matt had the mission to paint all of the included scenery within the Kill Team box. Armed with his airbrush he got to work and did an incrediable job!

Not content with just painting scenery, Matt also pressed on with painting some more Marvel Crisis Protocol minis, Iron Man, Groot and Rocket Racoon!

He was painting these on his latest stream to over on YouTube.

Jay’s Progress

Jay had a super busy week!

For starters he painted the Space Marine half of Kill Team Pariah Nexus. A Gravis armoured Captain and 5 Heavy Intercessors. He also wrote the review of the box.

He didn’t stop there! He’s also built 5 Dawnbreakers in sub assemblies, as well as starting to paint the Lumineth from Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm.

And to finish, as a bit of a surpraise he painted Inquisitor Eisenhorn for me! Love this model and he has done it complete justice!

Bonus Round!

Let’s see the full contents of Kill Team Pariah Nexus in a photo shoot to wrap up!

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