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Next Week’s Preorders: Eradicators and Land Speeders! Psychomancer! Blood Bowl! Dark Angels!

The majority of following will be up for preorder next Saturday at 10am, with the exception being the Blood Bowl star players who will be up for preorder on Friday from Forge World.

Space Marines fans rejoice! The remainder of the new kits (minus the Heavy Intercessors which we know are coming first in the Kill Team expansion).

The kit that builds the three Land Speeders is going up for preorder, the Hailstrike, the Hammerstrike, and the Thunderstrike.

We’ve also got the multipart Bladeguard Veterans and Eradicators!

It’s the time of the Dark Angels, as they get a new Codex for 9th edition! Standard and collector editions of the Codex are available, as well as the data cards.

Dark Angels are also getting a new Combat Patrol box, ideal for new players or for adding to existing Space Marine armies. It includes a Primaris Chaplain, unit of 5 Intercessors, unit of 3 Inceptors and a Redemptor Dreadnought!

The Necrons are also getting a release! The Psychomancer, a Cryptek variant, is up for preorder. A fantastic mini!

Heading into Direchasm, we have a new Warhammer Underworlds warband, Khagra’s Ravagers. This chaos warband features some fantastic minis, will be picking this up.

Finally from Forge World, we’ve got two star players for Blood Bowl.

Skrull Halfheight and Gretchen Wächter are heading on to the pitch!

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