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Preorders are Back! Death Guard, Middle-Earth, Necromunda

Preorders are back! From next Saturday at 10am you’ll be able to preorder all of the following.

Let’s get stuck in!

Death Guard

The Death Guard are finally here!

The new Codex, in normal and limited form, as well as the data cards, are up for preorder next week.

We also have a Conbat Patrol (Start Collecting!) up for preorder containing the following:

  • Typhus
  • Plague Marines
  • Poxwalkers

For those who missed out on the characters from Dark Imperium, a new box is coming out called the Chosen of Mortarion which contains the Malignant Plaguecaster, Blightbringer and Plague Champion.

Now for more new stuff! The Lord of Virulence and Miasmic Malignifier are also going to be up for preorder!

Poxwalkers are rounding out the Death Guard with a box of there own!


Their is also a plethora of Middle-Earth minis up for preorder!

Haldir, Gildor Inglorion and Glorfindel, Mounted Ringwraiths, Dead Marsh Spectres, Barrow-wights and the Mount Doom combo of Frodo, Sam and Gollum are all returning to the range! These tend to be really popular so if your after any be online at 10am!


Phyrr Cats for House Escher are also finally going up for preorder! feels like these were announced a very long time ago!

The Horus Heresy

Some tasty Heresy models up for preorder to in the shape of the Contekar Terminators for the Night Lords. These will be up for preorder on Friday from Forge World.

And finally, sticking with the Horus Heresy, Mortis in its limited edition form, the latest Siege of Terra novel is also up for preorder on Saturday. These are ultra limited in number, so if you want one you’ll need to be quick!

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