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Warhammer 40,000 NEW Codex Supplement Space Wolves Review – 40k 9th Edition


Codex Supplement Space wolves is one of the first new style 9th edition mini-codexes designed to be used alongside the recent 9th edition Space Marines Codex. We’ve been lucky enough to receive a review copy and we’ll be taking a close look at the contents in this article.

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As expected, this Codex Supplement is slightly smaller than the parent Codex Space Marines with a page count of 88 with about of a third of the book given over to lore and background, a small section containing images and painting references and then about half of the book dedicated to gaming content.

We were really impressed with the format of the Space Marine and Necron Codexes in terms of layout and useability and it’s just as pleasing to see that continue with regards to the Space Wolves supplement. Once again, the gaming content section (Army Rules, Wargear etc.) is colour coded and can be quickly located via the handy index at the start of the section. There is a useful weapons reference section which includes the profiles for every weapon in the Codex and a Glossary at the back which provides additional easy to reference information on specific terms and keywords used in the book.


Whether you are new to the Space Wolves or a seasoned Grey Hunter I think you’ll be really impressed with the lore and background content in this book. There is lots of information on the Space Wolves Chapter, their homeworld Fenris and their Primarch Leman Russ. In addition there is lots of great information on the different Great Companies (with expanded sections for The Blackmanes, The Deathwolves and The Drakeslayers). There is some really cool background regarding the cursed Wulfen and also a nice section on the Wolfspear, an Ultima founding Chapter.

Accompanying this background material is a whole host of amazing images and artwork – a mixture of old and new that really add to the quality of the overrall book.

Gaming Content

As excpected, the rules section of the book starts with a very useful colour coded contents page, allowing the reader to quickly locate a specific section. I’ll take a closer look at each section below. This section of the book is intended to be used in conjuntion with the main Codex Space Marines. There are a lot of references to rules in the main book but hopefully this should not cause too much hassle during a game thanks to the handy Index and Glossary in the new 9th edition Codexes.

Battleforged Rules

Detachment Abilities

First up in this section are the new Detachment Abilities. The first thing the book makes clear is that a Space Wolves Detachment is alao an Adeptus Astartes Detachment and therefore gains the relevant abilities as descibed in the parent Codex Space Marines namely Company Command and their Chapter Tactic Hunters Unleashed (which grants a +1 to hit bonus if the unit charged, is charged or performs a Heroic Intervention). In addtion to this a Space Wolves Detachment gains two additional unique abilities. Each unit in the Detachment that benefits form Combat Doctrines gains the Savage Fury ability which applies when the Assault Doctrine is active and grants an additional hit in combat for each unmodified hit roll of 6.

In addition, Blood Claw units gain the Berserk Charge and Headstrong abilities, the former granting +1 Attack if the unit charged that turn and the latter meaning that unless the affected unit contains a Wolf Guard model, any charge declared by that unit must be selected as one of the targets.

It’s worth remembering that the Chapter Command rules from the parent Codex Space Marines also apply allowing you to upgrade the relevant units appropriately (although not all the units are available to a Space Wolves army).


There are 16 unique Strategems in the Codex once again split into different categories.

Go for the Throat (Battle Tactic) – Costing 2CP, this strategem is used during the Command Phase and limited to once per battle. If the Assault Doctrine is active an unmodified wound roll of 6 with either a melee weapon or Pistol gains a +1 AP bonus.

Cunning of the Wolf (Battle Tactic) – This strategem can be used during deployment, for 1CP you can give a unit the Outflank ability (allowing it to move on from a board edge during a Reinforcement Phase)

The Emperor’s Executioners (Battle Tactic) – A ‘fluffy’ strategem that gives a unit a bit of a buff in close combat when fighting againts their hated foes the Thousand Sons. For 1CP a unit can re-roll hits and wounds when making melee attacks against a Thousand Sons unit for the rest of the phase.

Savage Strike (Battle Tactic) -This strategem can be used in the Fight Phase on a Space Wolves unit that charged that turn. For 1CP (2CP if the unit contains 6+ models) the unit gains +1 to wound with melee attacks during that phase.

Healing Balms (Battle Tactic) – Costing 1CP this strategem can be used at the end of the Movement phase to restore D3 wounds to a Space Wolves Infantry, Biker or Cavalry model with 3″ of a Space Wolves Wolf Priest

Pack Hunters (Battle Tactic) – An interesting strategem that can be used in the Charge Phase. You select an enemy unit within engagement range of one of your Space Wolves units – all Space Wolves units that declare a charge on this unit roll an additional D6 for their charge roll and discard one of the dice. In addition, each time a Space Wolves Cavalry model makes an attack with it’s crushing teeth and claws it can re-roll the wound roll. Quite expensive at 2CP though.

Relentless Assault (Battle Tactic) – For 1CP you can add 3″ to the consolidation move of all Space Wolves units that phase.

Cloaked by the Storm (Epic Deed) – This is a very cool and thematic strategem which I can see getting a lot of use. It’s used during the Psychic Phase after resolving the effects of a Psychic Power from the Tempestas Discipline by a friendly Space Wolves Psyker. For 2CP friendly Space Wolves units within 6″ of that Psyker gain -1 to Hit from ranged attacks.

Deed Worthy of a Saga (Epic Deed) – Another cool and thematic strategem that costs 2CP. Whenever a non-vehicle Character with no Warlord Trait meets the requirements for a Deed, at the end of that Phase and until the end of the battle the Character gains the corresponding Saga ability. More on Deeds and Sagas later.

A Trophy Bestowed, Thane of the Retinue, Warrior of Legend (Requisition) – These are your standard strategems that let you add additional Relics and Warlord Traits to Characters in your army. They cost 1CP each you can use them a number of times depening on the size of the battle you are playing.

Bestial Nature (Strategic Ploy) – An execellent strategem that costs only 1CP and allows you to enable the Assault Doctrine for a specific unit. Useful to make sure your killer combat unit is benefitting from the Hunters Unleashed and Savage Fury abilities at all times.

Counter Charge (Strategic Ploy) -This brings back memories of old when Space Wolves used to have the Counter Charge ability. Used in the opponent’s Charge Phase For 1CP (0CP if the target is a Space Wolves Charavter) a Space Wolves unit can be selected to perform a Heroic Intervention if it is within 6″ horizontally of an enemy unit and in addition, can move up to 6″ when making that Heroic Intervention.

Keen Senses (Strategic Ploy) – Another useful strategem costing 1CP. Used in the Shooting Phase, this strategem allows the targetted unit to ignore all modifiers to Hit rolls and Weapon/Ballistic skill until the end of the turn. In addition when making a charge roll they can ignore all modifiers to that roll too!

Runic Wards (Wargear)– A defensive strategem that can be used in the opponent’s Psychic Phase to give a Space Wolves unit with 12″ of an enemy Psyker casting a power a chance to Deny the Witch as if they were a Psyker.

Army Rules

The next section of the book is the Army Rules sections, covering Warlord Traits, Sagas, Relics and Psychic Powers. We’ll go through each section below.

Warlord Traits

Space Wolves players get 6 new Warlord Traits (well 5, as Beastslayer was already in the parent Codex Space Marines) to select for their Characters.

Beastslayer – Grants the Warlord +1 Attack when fighting a Monster or Vehicle in addition to +1 to hit and wound against Monsters and Vehicles.

Wolfkin – The Warlord always benefits from the Shock Assault ability and gains +D3 attacks rather than

Warrior Born – Allows the Warlord to fight first in the Fight Phase if it is engagement range of any enemy units at the start of the Fight Phase

Hunter – The Warlord gains a +1 to Advance and Charge rolls and can fallback and still charge.

Aura of Majesty – The Warlord gains a +3″ range bonus to any of it’s Rites of Battle, Tactical Precision, Chapter Master and Spiritual Leaders abilities and can also add 3″ to the range of any Litanies recited (to a maximum of 9″)

Resolve of the Bear – Grants the Warlord a 6+++. In addition, enemy units can not re-roll wounds or damage against the Warlord.


Sagas and Deeds are a unique Space Wolves mechanic that plays into the idea of the heroes of the Space Wolves forging their own legends as they battle against the enemies of the Imperium. Associated with each of the above Warlord Traits is a corresponding Deed, basically a challenge or requirement that if met, grants an additional bonus to the character bearing that Warlord Trait from the end of that Phase until the end of the game.

Deed of the Beastslayer (applies to Beastslayer Warlord Trait) – If the Character with this Warlord Trait destroys a Monster or Vehicle unit it gains a new Aura ability, Saga of the Beast Slayer, granting a +1 to wound bonus against Vehicles and Monsters with melee attacks to Space Wolves Core units within 6″.

Deed of the Wolfkin (applies to Wolfkin Warlord Trait) – If the Character with this Warlord Trait destroys an enemy model with a melee attack it gains a new Aura ability, Saga of the Wolfkin, allowing Space Wolves Core units within 6″ to always benefit from the Shock Assault ability.

Deed of the Warrior Born (applies to Warrior Born Warlord Trait) – If this Character manages to destroy an enemy Character with a melee attack it gains a new Aura ability, Saga of the Warrior Born, allowing Space Wolves Core units to fight first in any Fight Phase where they start within engagement range of any enemy units.

Deed of the Hunter (applies to the Hunter Warlord Trait) – If this Character makes a successful charge roll it gains a new Aura ability, Saga of the Hunter, allowing Space Wolves Core units within 6″ to declare a charge even if they advanced. In addition, if the Space Wolves Core unit has the Swift Hunters ability it can also declare charges after they Fall Back.

Deed of the Majesty (applies to the Aura of Majesty Warlord Trait) – If at the start of your Command Phase this Character is within 6″ of an objective that is more than 6″ away from your own Deployment Zone it gains a new Aura ability, Saga of Majesty, which means that Space Wolves Core units with 6″ automatically pass any Morale Tests.

Deed of the Bear (applies to the Resolve of the Bear Warlord Trait) – If this Character loses any wounds it gains a new Aura ability, Saga of the Bear which bestows a 6+++ to Space Wolves Core units within 6″.

The Deeds themselves seems quite easy to complete and the bonuses are quite nice. There are some interesting combinations of Saga, Character and accompanying Core unit.


There are 7 Relics and 7 Special-Issue Wargear to assign to non-named Characters (excluding Vehicles) which we’ll look at below.

The Armour of Russ – Wow, what a way to start. This grants the bearer a 2+/4++ save. On top of this at the start of the Fight Phase the bearer can choose one enemy unit within engagement range and force them to fight last.

The Wulfen Stone – Grants the bearer a new Aura ability, Bestial Charge, which allows Space Wolves Core units within 6″ to re-roll Charge Rolls. In addition it grants a once per battle ability which can be used at the start of a Fight Phase. You select a Space Wolves unit within 6″ and that unit triggers Savage Fury on a 5+ rather than 6+.

Fireheart – A strength 9, damage 3 Plasma Pistol with an 18″ range! Blimey ๐Ÿ™‚

Black Death – Replaces a Power Axe or Master-crafter Power Axe. It has S+2, AP-2, damage 1 and grants the bearer +D6 attacks each time it fights.

Mountain-Breaker – After the bearer has attacked but before it consolidates you can select one enemy unit withing 1″, on a 2+ that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

The Storm’s Eye – Restricted to Librarian models only, after successfully manifesting a power from the Tempestus Discipline you can roll 1D6 for each enemy unit within 12″ and on a 4+ that unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

The Pelt of Balewolf – Grants a -1 to Hit and Wound to melee attacks against the bearer.

Admantine Mantle – Grants a 5+++ to the bearer.

Artificer Armour – Grants a 2+/5+++ to the bearer.

Master-Crafted Weapon – Adds 1 to the damage characteristic of an equipped weapon.

Digital Weapons – Grants an additional basic close combat attack. If the attack hits it inflicts a single mortal wound.

Morkai’s Teeth Bolts -This is a cool relic which can be used with any Bolt weapon the bearer is armed with. Instead of shooting normall with that Bolt weapon you can instead make a single attack. If it hits the target is considered “Marked by Morkai” until the end of the turn. Whenever an attack is maded against such a unit wound rolls of 1 may be re-rolled.

Wolf Tail Talisman – Each time a model in the bearer’s unit suffers a mortal wound, that wound is ignored on a 4+.

Frost Weapon – Adds +1 to both the strength and damage of an equipped Power Axe, Power Sword or Lightning Claw(s) (or their Master-Crafted equivalents).

Runic Weapon – The bearer may add +1 to their Deny the Witch tests. In addition you can add +1 strength and damage to an equipped Force Axe, Force Stave or Force Sword.

Tempestas Discipline

In addition to Librarius Discipline in the main Codex Space Marines, Space Wolves also get access to a unique list of powers.

Living Lightning – This power has a Warp Charge value of 6 and inflicts D3 mortal wounds on the closest visible enemy unit within 18″. You then roll a D6, on a 2-4 you inflict 1 mortal wound on the next closest enemy unit within 6″ of the intial target. On a 5+ you inflict D3 mortal wounds instead.

Murderous Hurricane -This power can be used to shutdown Overwatch and force a target unit to fight last. It has a Warp Charge value of 6 and can target an enemy unit within 18″. The Overwatch effect only applies if the target unit was not on or within a terrain feature.

Tempest’s Wrath – With a Warp Charge value of 6 a target unit within 24″ suffers a -1 to Hit rolls.

Instincts Awoken – This is a Blessing power with a Warp Charge of 6. A friendly Space Wolves unit within 18″ can be selected as a target and they consider the Assault Doctrine active until the start of the next Psychic Phase. If the Assault Doctrine was already active, that unit improves the AP of any attack they make by 1 for which the Hit roll was a 6. This stacks with the +1AP bonus from the Assault Doctrine!

Storm Caller – Another Blessing with a Warp Charge of 6. Space wolves units within 6″ of the Psyker receive the benefits of Light Cover.

Jaws of the World Wolf – This has a Warp Charge of 7. When successfully manifested you select a visible enemy unit within 18″ and roll a D6 for each model in the unit. For each 6+ (or 5+ if you managed to roll at least 9 for the Psychic Test) the unit suffers a mortal wound.

Chapter Approved

The next section of the book is the Chapter Approved section. An army of Space Wolves can select one from a choice of four unique Space Wolves Secondary Objectives to use in a Matched Play game.

Glory Kills (Purge the Enemy) – This secondary objective grants between 1-3 victory points a turn depending on whether you were able to destroy or wound any Character or Vehicle units in each Battle Round.

Heroic Challenge (Purge the Enemy) – At the start of the first Command Phase you select a Space Wolves Character to issue a challenge (which must be accepted by a Character or Warlord in the opponents army). At the end of the battle you score up to 15 Victory Points depending on if and how the challenged unit was destroyed.

A Might Saga (No Mercy, No Respite) – Gain up to 15 Victory Points over the course of a battle if your Warlord manages to fight his way through opponent’s Monster, Vehicle and Warlord units and claim objectives.

Warrior Pride (No Mercy, No Respite) – Gain 3 Victory Points at the end of each of your turns as long as at least 2 Space Wolves units are within Engagement range or made a Charge that turn.

There is a heavy focus on using your Characters during battle (to unlock Sagas etc.) so it makes sense to take advantage of this play style and pick one of the above Secondary Objectives.


The Crusade Rules section is next, but I’ll come back to this at the end. Next we’ll head straight to the Datasheets section and have a look at the unique Space Wolves units.

Just before the Datasheets themselves there is a single page which provides a description of some of the unique Space Wolves abilities that appear of some of the Datasheets themselves. These are Beserk Charge, Headstrong and Swift Hunters. We’ve already looked at the first two so I’ll just cover Swift Hunters here. A unit with this ability is able to make charges even if it advanced and adds +1″ to any pile-in and consolidation moves.

It’s worth remembering at this point that a lot of the ‘common’ Space Marine abilities that appear on the following Datasheets (such as Angels of Death and Combat Doctrines) are not detailed in this book and instead players must instead look in the parent Codex Space Marines for this information.

There are 29 unique Space Wolves Datasheets in this book that can be used in conjuction with the majority of Datasheets from the main Codex Space Marines. There are a few units that Space Wolves cannot use though : Apothecary, Assault Sqaudsm Devastator Squads, Sternguard Veterans Squads, Tactical Squads, Vanguard Veteran Squads.

Logan Grimnar – Whilst the Great Wolf’s statline remains the same there have been a few changes to his rules and weapons. The Axe Morkei now has a better two-handed profile (no -1 to hit anymore) whilst the one-handed profile now makes double the number of attacks (but at only 1 damage). As expected, Grimnir loses the old “Great Wolf” ability and now has the standard Chapter Master Auras and abilities instead. He also gains a new ability, High King of Fenris, which basically means he starts the game having completed his Deed and therefore starts out with the Saga of Majesty ability as described above.

Njal Stormcaller – Now only available in Terminator armour, Njal has seen some changes to his abilities (although his statline remains the same). Njal now only has a 5++ save but can re-roll all Deny the Witch rolls (not just one).

Logan Grimnar on Stormrider – Some interesting changes here. The ability to re-roll charges has gone but gains the Swift Hunters ability instead. The model also starts with 14 wounds and it’s Flurry of teeth and claws has a better profile (AP -2) and always grants 6 additional attacks regardless of damage suffered.

Bjorn the Fell-Handed – The changes here are in line with changes to other Dreadnoughts (Duty Eternal now baked in and Smokescreen key word added). Bjorn also now has the new version of the Rites of Battle Aura, affecting only Core units within 6″.

Arjac Rockfist – No longer grants +1 attacks to nearby Wolf Guard but still re-rolls hits againts Characters. He also now has the Tactical Precision ability. His weapon profiles have been buffed to a flat 3 damage, increased to 4 damage against Characters and Monsters! Nice!

Ulrik the Slayer – Quite a few changes here. His Slayer’s Oath has changed, now allowing him to automatically recite Litanies once he has destroyed a Character or Monster. He has lost his Healing Balms ability (this is now a Strategem). He no longer knows the Tale of the Wolf King but can now recite two Litanies a turn. His Artificer Crozius has a nice +2S, -2AP, 2D profile now.

Ragnar Blackmane – Pretty much identical to the previous version. He’s lost the Jarl of Fenris ability and gains Rites of Battle instead.

Krom Dragongaze – Not a lot of change here, just a tweak to his The Fierce-Eye ability – enemy units within 3″ now subtract 1 from Combat Attrition tests.

Harold Deathwolf – There are some basic housekeeping changes to the Datasheet itself (Expert Hunter gone, Outflank and Swift Hunters added). The Mantle of the Troll King now reduces incoming damage by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

Canis Wolfborn – This unit has seen some nice buffs. He now gets 6 attacks base with an improved weapon profile (2 damage). He fights first if there are any enemy Character units in Engagement range and gets a 6″ Heroic Intervention. Space Wolves Beasts, Cavalry and Chariots get +1 attacks with their teeth and claws, crushing teeth and claws and +2 attacks with their flurry of teeth and claws.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armour – Only change here is to the Huskarl to the Jarl ability, now replaced with Tactical Precision.

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf – Gains the Swift Hunters ability and an improved Crushing teeth and claws profile (now 2 damage). He’s lost the Jarl of Fenris ability and gains Rites of Battle instead.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf – Sees the same changes as the Wolf Lord version, swapping his Huskalr to the Jarl ability for Tactical Precision.

Blood Claws – As expected they gain an additional wound and the new Berserk Charger and Headstrong abilities.

Grey Hunters – Just the extra wound here ๐Ÿ™‚

Wolf Guard – Just the extra wound here too ๐Ÿ™‚

Lukas the Trickster – Quite a few changes here. He gains an extra attack and a few updates to his abilities. He now grants nearby Blood Claws re-rolls to their Hit rolls (no re-rolls for Wound rolls anymore). His leadership debuff now only affects nearby friendly Space Wolves units (eh?). His Pelt of the Doppegangrel is pretty cool though, causing hit rolls of 1-3 to always fail against him.

Wolf Guard Terminators – As expected, they get an additional wound.

Hounds of Morkai -The new Space Wolves unit recently previewed on Warhammer Community.

Wulfen – They have lost the ability to grant +1 attack to nearby units and cannot perform any actions. They also no longer advance and charge either. They do however keep the re-roll charge ability for nearby Space Wolves Infantry, Bikes and Cavalry though and always count as having the Assault Doctrine active. The Great Frost Axe weapon profile has also been improved (now has 2 damage).

Wulfen Dreadnought – The Cleave profile of the Fenrisian Great Axe now does D3+3 damage. He also inherits the same restriction on performing actions as the Wulfen.

Murderfang – Almost identical to it’s previous Datasheet. Murderfang gets +3 attacks rather than +1 for it’s Shock Assault ability which is cool but like other Wulfun cannot perform any actions. Like other Dreadnoughts, Duty Eternal and Smokescreen are now included on the Datasheet.

Cyberwolves – The only change here is the change to the Swift Hunters ability.

Thunderwolf Cavalry – They gain an extra wound and the Swift Hunters ability. The Crushing teeth and claws weapon profile has also been improved (see above).

Fenrisian Wolves – Aside from the change to the Swift Hunters ability these remain the same.

Skyclaws – An extra wound as per Firstborn and the updated Berserk Charge and Headstrong rules are the only real changes here.

Long Fangs – Just the extra wound here.

Stormfang Gunship – For some reason the Stormfang now gets 6 attacks rather than 3. The Hellfrost Destructor has seen some changes as well. The dispersed profile gains the Blast rule whereas the focussed profile is now Heavy D3 at strength 10 and also gains the Blast rule. Both profiles are now 36″ range but have lost the ability to inflict mortal wounds.

Stormwolf – Now also has 6 attacks. There have been some changes to the Twin helfrost cannon profiles too. Both are 36″, the dispersed profile gains the Blast rule whereas the beam profile is now a flat 4 damage. The ability to inflict mortal wounds has been removed.

Towards the end of the book you’ll find the hand Weapons Profiles, Points Values, Glossary and Reference sections as per the Necron and Space Marine Codex.

Crusade Rules

For all those Crusade fans (and I think there are a lot of them) you’ll not be disapointed with the new narrative content in this book. There are new Agendas, Requisitions, Battle Traits, Deeds of Making and Crusade Relics to use in your Crusade campaigns and we’ll take a closer look at them all now.


Space Wolves players get to choose one Agenda from a list of five when playing Crusade games.

An Audacious Boast – This is a really cool Agenda whereby you select a Character from your army and then between 1-10 different boasts. These range from “First to the Fray” (where your Character will always be the first to declare any charges) to “Leave behind a trail of corpses” (where your Character will attempt to detroy 10 or more models over the course of the game). So long as your Character fulfils each boast they will gain bonus experience. Fail any of your boasts though and you forfeit all experience gained via this agenda.

Show them how we Fight – As Wolf Guard models from your army destroy units, nearby Blood Claws recieve experience points ๐Ÿ™‚

A Worthy Trophy – Basically you pick three of the highest value targets in the opponents army and if they are destroyed by a melee attack you gain additional experience.

Circling Wolves – You want to try and make sure you have 3-4 Space Wolves units in each corner of the battlefield at the end of the game to earn extra experience.

A Glorious Death – Sacrifice a Lone Wolf to give your other units some experience. Haha.


There are 4 new Space Wolves Requistions to spend your RP on.

Hero of the Renown – For 1 RP (0RP if the chosen unit is a name Character) you can select a Character from your army that completed a Deed and permanently activate the relevant Saga.

Pack Bonds – A really cool requisition that allows you to further upgrade a non-Character Space Wolves unit that has been Marked for Greatness with two different Tales from a choice of eight. The Tales range include Tale of Raven’s Luck (which bestows a 5++ on the unit) to Tale of the Fire Strike (when the unit advances it treats all it’s Pistol and Rapid Fire weapons as Assault).

Lone Wolf – When a unit suffers a Battle Scar you can replace it with a new Character model (the specific Character model depends on the unit being replaced) which gains the Honour in Death ability allowing it to re-roll hit rolls with melee attacks.

The Wolf and the Lion – An Infantry or Bike unit can be given this Requisition, granting them +1 Attack. In addition they now get +1 to hit and wound with melees attacks against Dark Angels units.

Battle Traits

There are four new tables of Battle Traits for you to use to upgrade your Beast units, Cavalry units, Character units and Wolf Priest units. There are a mixture of stat upgrades and abilities that just add a bit of character to you units.

Deeds of Making

Deeds of Making are a new type of Battle Honour that can be given to Space Wolves Character models. There are 14 to choose from and can be used to grant unique and thematic abilities to your heroes. I’ll not list them all but just give you an idea of what these are about.

Murkstalker – The Character gains the Outflank ability.

Stormstride -The Character gains the Teleport Strike ability.

Starspear – Whilst this model is on the battlefield, the Orbital Barrage stategem costs 1CP

Crusade Relics

Last but not least we have the Crusade Relics. There are two to choose from which I’ll describe below.

Wyrdmaker’s Helm (Antiquity Relic) – Grants a 4++ to the bearer and allows them to re-roll one hit roll, wound roll and damage roll per turn.

The Spear of Russ (Legendary Relic) – Once per battle the bearer can choose to wield this spear, forfeiting any other ranged or melee weapons for the rest of the battle round but granting them access to the powerful ranged and melee profile of the spear itself!


Overall I’m really happy with the quality and content of this new Codex Supplement. There are lots of cool rules and abilities to add a lot of unique flavour that distinguishes this army from a regular Space Marine force. The Codex also lends itself to a Character heavy playstyle, with lots of cool abilities, Auras and Objectives tied closely to the use of Characters. I think those players like like building any army around melee heroes and other fast, close combat oriented units will enjoy using this Codex Supplement to build an army with.

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