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Next Week’s Preorders! Space Marine/Necron 9th Edition Codexes! New Minis!


Full Codex Necrons Review can be found here

Full Codex Space Marines Review can be found here

All of the below will be up for preorder next Saturday, 3rd October, from 10am for release on Saturday 10th October. We’ll have a post up on Saturday morning with links to bag your preorders!

Right, it is time everyone. New edition. New Codexes.

We’ve known for a while now the first two will be Space Marines and Necrons, and on Saturday they are both up for preorder.

Let’s run through what you can order next week…

Space Marines

The Adeptus Astartes, the Angels of Death…whatever you want to call them, are hitting 9th Edition hard with a stunning new Codex.

Featuring 98 datasheets, the codex will be crammed with new lore and tasty new Crusade content. The book is also available in a limited edition too!

Datacards are back, baby! Psychic powers, Litanies and Stratagems are including in this handy pack of cards. Really like the new art on the back of them!

Hitting the battlefield soon, you’ll also be able to preorder the Primaris Invader ATV! This buggy will be zipping away alongside a lot of peoples Outriders.

One of my favourite new Primaris minis is also up for preorder, the Primaris Chaplain on Bike. Got to ensure those ATVs and Outriders have some HQ support!

Prefer your units a little more slow, or in fact, static? Well you’ll also be able to grab a Firestrike Servo-turret or two.

I love collecting dice. If you are like me, and like themed dice for your armies, and happen to like Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Salamanders or Raven Guard then yay! Themed dice are up for preorder too!


Not to be left out, the Necrons have a shiny new Codex too, alongside a collectors edition. Really loving the artwork on the front of these books!

Datacards are also coming alongside the book, and will feature Stratgems, C’Tan powers and the new Protocols!

You know whats cool? A huge new minatiure to launch a new range of Necrons, and they don’t get much bigger than the Silent King himself, Szarekh!

What a fantastic centrepiece model. We’ve already had his rules teased too, this guy is Primarch-level of awesome!

Lokhust Heavy Destroyer are packing some serious firepower, and can also be preordered on Saturday.

And speaking of firepower, so is the Canoptek Doomstalker! I know Matt is buying a million of these (quantity may be a little off, he really likes them is what I’m trying to say…)

I will 100% be getting some Necron dice too, how cool are these!

Getting Started!

Are you new to the hobby? Or know someone who wants in? GW have a new Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 book which includes a Space Marine and Necron to paint!

House Escher | Necromunda

Finally, from Forgeworld, we have some brand new upgrades for House Escher fans, with new weapon options including combi-weapons, blades and whips (oh and a cool two handed sword!).

Man I cannot wait!

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