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Next Week’s Preorders: Lumineth! The Lion!

This is it. The day fellow Sprues and Brewer Jay has been anticipating. The Age of Sigmar is about to get some love!

The Lumineth Realm-lords releases are here! (Well, a large proportion of them!).

Next Saturday from 10am you’ll be able to preorder Teclis, The Light of Eltharion and Scinari Cathallar for starters!

You’ll also be able to preorder Vanari Wardens, and Vanari Sentinels.

The Battle Cattle must be coming in the next few weeks.

You’ll also be able to preorder the Battletome, Warscroll Cards, Endless Spells and some incredibly interesting looking barrel-shaped D6s!

Heading into the Age of Darkness, it’s time to go on a Crusade!

The Horus Heresy Book Nine feels like it’s been coming for nigh on an age, buts it’s finally up for preorder next week!

And to finish off next week’s preorders, Lion El’ Johnson, Mr Dark Angel himself, is finally coming out. What a spectacular mini!

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