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Next Week’s Preorders: 40K Starter Boxes and Paint Sets!

9th Edition has been out for a week now, and from next Saturday you’ll be able to preorder the brand new Starter Boxes for Warhammer 40,000!

The box comes in three flavours, as previously discussed when announced during the week.

You’ve got the Recruit Edition, ideally for those brand new to the hobby.

Then we have the Elite Edition, featuring more minis!

And finally we have the biggest, baddest, fully packed starter box, the Command Edition! This one includes all the minis from the Elite version PLUS scenery!

One thing I’ll probably be picking up is the brand new Command Edition Battlefield Expansion Set. This features a double sized combat patrol size board, as well as the scenery from the Command Edition starter box. Combine two and you’ve got a perfect battlefield for Incursion size battles!

New editions of 40K also means brand new paint and tool sets, aimed at those new to the hobby, but also handy for any gamer looking to stock up on key paints.

For the Ultramarines we’ll have a set idea of painting your first marines, and it comes complete with 3 Assault Intercessors.

Fancy starting your own Szarekhan Dynasty? Then the Necron paint box is up your street, again featuring the key colours you’ll need and 3 Necron Warriors.

Finally, we have a more general paints and tool set, featuring clippers, a mould line remover, starter brush and some of the most popular paints.

All of the above will be up for preorder from 10am next Saturday, the 8th August for release a week later on the 15th August.

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