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Warhammer 40k: New Starter Boxes Incoming!

Indomitus May have been the grand box to kick start 9th Edition for Warhammer 40,000, but it was never intended to be the edition’s starter box.

With the last of the Indomitus orders going in, Warhammer Community have lifted the lid on the Starter Boxes that are coming soon. And I say boxes, because we are getting three of them!

The first one is the Recruit edition, and is the cheapest of the 3 boxes that will be available. Comprising of 10 Necron Warriors, 3 bases of Scarabs, 5 Assualt Intercessors, the Royal Warden and the Primaris Lieutenant From Indomitus. You also get a set of basic rules and datasheets for your units.

Next up is the Elite edition, which includes all of the above, minus the Lieutenant and Warden, but with 3 Outriders, 3 Destroyers, the Necron Overlord and Primaris Captain.

Finally we have the Command Edition, which includes all of the above plus some lovely new scenery, and the core rules (minus the lore from the main rule book).

All three editions include a fold out tile to play your games on, rulers and dice, as well as transfers.

No word on a release date, but I’d imagine we’ll see this in the next month or so.

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