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Indomitus Preview: More New Primaris Marines & Necrons! The Silent King Returns!

This afternoon on Twitch Warhammer Community were pitting the contents of Indomitus (the Warhammer 40k Launch box) against each other. Which was cool.

What was even COOLER was the new models shown off!

Let’s start with the Silent King himself, in all his glory!

Oh boy…what a model! Szarekh, the last of the Silent Kings is back in the galaxy and that spells trouble!

Here’s some more shots of model.

Next up we have a Primaris Techmarine! I know a lot of Primaris Space Marine fans have been crying out for this guy to get the Primaris treatment.

Sticking with the Marines we have a Chaplain on Bike incoming! Now this guy really looks the business, and gives your new Outriders some extra quick HQ support to keep up with them.

And finally, we have a new C’tan.

He’s mean, he’s (fairly) green, he’s the (probably) incredibly nails Void Dragon!

Yeah, so, I probably want a Necron army PURELY for this guy….

So much cool stuff coming for the Primaris Marines and Necrons as we head into Warhammer 40k 9th Edition!


  1. Is Indomitus a limited release or is it like the new stater set that will be available for a while like Dark Imperium? Looks a great product but prob not pick it up till end of year if can avoid it – but seems a lot more premium than previous starter sets!


    • Hi Paul. It’s a limited release. It’s being coined as a ‘launch edition’ and is aimed at long term fans of Warhammer 40k. We’ll eventually get a long term starter box akin to Dark Imperium at some point, but sadly this box isn’t it.


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