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Warhammer 40k Indomitus Miniatures Showcase and How to Paint Necrons Szarekhan Dynasty

Over the last week we have been putting together and painting the new models out of the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus Launch Box!

To give you a better of idea of what the models look like, we’ve put together this video showcasing all the built models along with a look at my painted Szarekhan Dynasty force!

I’ve been wanting to paint a Necron army for a long time, but I’ve always been put off by the old Necron Warriors – however with the awesome new warriors in the 40k Indomitus box I am fully onboard the Necron hype train!

These models where an absolute joy to paint up and must be among the most detailed models in the Necron range – which is pretty impressive considering these are push fit models too! Glue isn’t needed to put them together (I used some to attach feet to bases, but the main construction is solid after just pushing them together)

Quite a few people have also asked if I used the new paints from Games Workshop in order to do this Szarekhan scheme – I didn’t have access to these at the time of producing this content, so I dug through the existing range to come up with something that I feel is pretty close to the “official” scheme!



To start with, all the models were undercoated with Chaos Black spray – armed with my trusty spray sticks I headed outside to get them primed up!



The next step was to base all the metallic areas with Balthazar Gold Air – you could do this by hand, however I find that doing the initial base coat with an airbrush gives the model a nice smooth finish

The lighter metallic panels and the silver areas are then painted with Leadbelcher in order to get a nice variation of metals across the model

The gold areas are then layered up with Runelord Brass in order to bring the colour closer to the Games Workshop scheme (A Runelord Brass spray will be coming out alongside Indomitus, so you may be able to skip some steps by just using this!)




The black areas such as the guns, the inner armour and the exposed panels are all painted Abaddon Black followed by highlights of Dark Reaper and Iron Hands – I’ve used some variations in these highlights just to mix up the textures so some look worn from old age.

The Green areas where then painted Caliban Green



Now it’s the quick bit, was the metal areas with Agrax Earthshade!


When the washes dry it’s time to start building up those layers again – on the metal I used Runelord Brass and then highlighted again with a little Leadbelcher mixed in. For the silver areas I just highlighted with straight Leadbelcher



Once this was done I was ready to do all the green glow of the weapons! For the blades I got the airbrush out again and using modelling tape masked off some of the areas in order to create that glowing transition! This was hit with Moot Green Air, as it’s an awesome green for these kind of effects.



These are very rough and ready as only had a couple of days to paint these, with a bit more time you can glaze these back down in order to reduce some of the sharp edges here, but for speed you cant beat just taping and spraying!

On the areas that I couldn’t airbrush without hitting areas of the model that I didnt want green I just used a transition from Caliban green, through to Warpstone Glow thorough to Moot Green, which I find works really well for these kind of things!


After sand is applied I covered these with a layer of Skavenblight Dinge followed by drybrushes of Rakareth Flesh and Deepkin Flesh – some Flock was then applied to replicate mold and undergrowth

The Ruins on the bases had been painted a base of Rakareth Flesh, washed with Agrax then then drybrushed up with similar colours to the base!

Finally, Rims are painted Skavenblight Dinge


I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Necron range and adding to these guys in the future!

If you are interested in what you get in the Indomitus box then check out our unboxing below!

We have also done a full review of the new Warhammer 40,000 Core Book


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