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Preorders Return! Engine War & Adeptus Mechanicus Kits Next Week

YES! Preorders are back with a bang!

From next Saturday at 10am you will be able to preorder the following items. Adeptus Mechanicus fans (including myself) REJOICE! Expect preorders to start arriving at your door from the 6th June.

Psychic Awakening: Engine War

The next Psychic Awakening book, Engine War, is finally up for preorder next week. Featuring new rules and content for the Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, Chaos Knights and Chaos Demons.

If you preorder the hardback or collectors edition you get datacards for Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance and Shalaxi Helbane!

Tech-Priest Manipulus

Available originally in the Kill Team Theta-7 Acquisitus box, the Manipulus is getting a separate release! No need to head to eBay and pay inflated prices for the latest Tech-Priest on the block.

Serberys Raiders and Sulphurhounds

The dual kit that makes the new mounted units is also up for preorder.

I may need to get two boxes of these, as I cannot decide which ones I want to build first! The Ranger-styled Serberys or the pew-pew close range Sulphurhounds.

Pteraxii Sterylizors and Skystalkers

Take to the skies! Jump pack infantry for the Ad Mech is now a thing thanks to the dual kit that builds both the Pteraxii Sterylizors and Skystalkers.


Taking to the skies again, the Ad Mech finally get a flyer too, in fact, three flyers as the kit can build a transport (Transvector), a Bomber (Fusilave) and a fighter (Stratoraptor).

Love the look of this flyer, and I cannot wait to see the full rules in Engine War.

A Brand New Start Collecting! Box

Out of nowhere the Ad Mech are also getting a new Start Collecting! box which includes the following contents:

  • Tech-Priest Enginseer
  • Skorpius Dunerider/Disintegrator
  • 10 x Skitarri Vanguard/Rangers

Black Library Releases

We also have new book releases too, including the general release of Sons of the Selenar, the latest book in the Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra series.

War of the Orks and Flight of the Kharadrons are two brand new books in the Warhammer Adventures series for younger readers.


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