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Warhammer 40,000 | 9th Edition Coming Soon!

Yes! You read that headline correctly! 9th Edition is on the way!

We’ve been talking about the possibility of a new version of the game on the podcast for some time now, including on our last show, and it turns out its coming very very soon!

So let us break down today’s previews, what are we expecting and what changes are we likely to see.

The Logo

First and foremost Games Workshop have updated the Warhammer 40,000 logo.

It very much has a retro vibe, clearly inspired by the Warhammer 40k logo of old, back in the Rogue Trader days.

Will it be drastically different from 8th Edition?

Games Workshop describe 9th as:

This edition is an evolution of that revolutionary design [speaking about 8th Edition], taking on board three years of player feedback and making this incarnation of the game the best edition yet.

They go on to say that when it comes to changes we’ll have…

Loads! A new edition gives us a chance to look again at the core rules of Warhammer 40,000 and make changes to the underlying engine. We’ve looked at every phase in the game, as well as missions, points and Stratagems. You’ll see changes that affect every army and every game.

That may lead you to worry about your current codexes though…

What about 8th Edition Codexes and Supplements?

The great news is that all of the current codexes, and other recent publications including Vigilus, Psychic Awakening and White Dwarf articles will all still be valid.

Of course, as the new edition finds its feet we will see new and updated codexes.

They are keen to stress that whilst designing all the recent content they have had one eye on the incoming new editions.

Forge World index books are currently being changed however, which has come as no surprise, as we believe the current Forge World ranges, such as Talons of the Emperor, are getting new books of there own.

Point values are going to be changing, so we may see some sweeping changes across the board.

How Do I Get the Core Rules?

Following on from how the Age of Sigmar core rules were released to the world for free, the core rules for 40k too will also be free. They will be up for download online once launched, so well worth keeping your eyes peeled on Warhammer Community.

Will we get a 9th Edition Starter Box?

Yes! But not right now. Dark Imperium is being retired and in its place we will see a brand new starter box. Whilst we don’t know the contents yet, we are hedging our bets that it’ll feature Primaris Marines against Necrons

Are the Necrons a Big Deal in 9th?

The Necrons are set to play a big part in the opening narrative in the new edition. Games Workshop have already said we’ll be getting new models for the Necrons this year.

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