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The Return of the Silent King…

Games Workshop have just posted a new teaser trailer hinting at the return of the infamous Silent King, an anient being who oversaw his own people’s transformation into the Necron race before heading into self-imposed exile.

Millenia ago an ancient people, the Necrontyr, waged a futile war against the Old Ones, a race they envied and hated in equal measure.  The Necrontyr could not hope to stand against the technologically superior Old Ones and their defeat was all but assured.  That was until the C’tan were discovered…

The C’tan, or Star Gods, were themselves ancient enemies of the Old Ones, powerful as they were even they could not unseat the Old Ones as rulers of the Galaxy on their own.  So it was that an alliance was struck between the Silent King, ruler of all the Necrontyr and the C’tan.  Together they would unite to defeat the Old Ones.

To achieve this goal the C’tan offered the gift of immortality to the Necrontyr, a gift that was quickly accepted.  The Necrontyr were transformed into the soulless Necron, but too late did the Silent King realise that he had been decieved – his people’s life essense had become fuel for the C’tan, the Necontyr were no more.

The Silent King was tormented with this realisation, but bide his time, content for the moment to wage his renewed war against the Old Ones, the mythical War in Heaven.


When finally the Old Ones were defeated, their Galaxy spanning empire in ruins and the Old Ones themselves destroyed or fled the Silent King turned on his once allies and quickly enslaved the treacherous C’tan.

The Silent King and his Necrons were victorious, but the Galaxy could not yet be claimed in his name.  As a result of the War in Heaven, the Galaxy now teemed with younger life and the Necrons were beset by the Aeldari and Orks alike.  They needed time to recover from their great ordeals and so the Silent King ordered the Necrons to enter their deep slumber within their Tomb Worlds and to await his command to awaken and claim their rightful place as rulers of the Galaxy.

The Slient King, himself still troubled and filled with reget at the fate of his people, then went into exile, sailing into the void between galaxies to contemplate his own fate.

But now it seems he is returning, ready to reclaim the galaxy and rule over all of it’s inhabitants.  He was a foe beyond even the ancient Aeldari and I wonder how even the mighty Imperium of Man will be able to stand against him…


What does this mean?  A new Necron Codex or maybe something even bigger?  Long has the Warhammer 40,000 game focussed on the conflict between the Imperium of Man and the Forces of Chaos but will the return of the Silent King herald a new chapter for the game with the Silent King and his Necrons becoming the focus for the next edition?  What does this mean for those ‘younger’ races such as the Aeldari and Orks and will we see the return of the Old Ones themselves?  Bring on May 23rd!


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