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Warhammer 366 – Weeks 9 and 10

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with everything going on in the world right now, but that’s not stopped me making sure to do a little Warhammer each and every day! Here’s a bumper article today chronicling the last two weeks of Warhammer hobby as part of my Warhammer366 challenge!

Day 66

Today was all about getting some colours on the Exorcist! This is an awesome kit and was very much looking forward to painting it, and I must say it did not disappoint! Covered in loads of details and weird 40k stylings this was great fun to paint up.

Day 67

With the Purple Sparkly Unicorns tournament in sight, I had to get cracking on the rest of the army. I had broken down my painting plan into manageable chunks to ensure I knew I could get everything painted on time, something I highly recommend if you are painting to a deadline!

Day 68


Just as important as having a plan for your deadline is also making sure you leave some time for palate cleansers so you don’t end up burning yourself out. For this I had picked my Delaque gang, as they would be having a very different colour scheme to the sisters. Armed with Gangs of the Underhive and a Forge World upgrade kit, I went about creating my initial 1000 credit gang

Day 69


Today I filmed a block of video content for the site! Some Black Library Celebration goodies and the new Goliath Stimmers and Forge-Born!

I did manage to sneak in some hobby too with some work done on the Battle Pipe Organ!


Day 70

Today was a good push towards getting the Sisters of Battle ready for their debut outing!

With the army coming together now it wouldn’t take long to get them ready for battle!

Day 71


In what may be the final recording in person for a while due to the Coronavirus, tonight we recorded our podcast!

We discussed all the news from GAMA and got excited about all the reveals!

Day 72


With the sisters pretty much done, I turned back to the Delaque gang in order to get some base colours down! This was really easy with a quick blast of Dryad bark through the airbrush before picking out the metalics with Iron Hands

Day 73

Today started out with our unboxing of Necromunda Ratling Slopper Bigby Crumb!

But that’s not all, my Adepta Sororitas Argent Shroud force was finally ready to head to battle!

Have really enjoyed painting this army up, and can’t wait to get my teeth into some more! This was also a relatively quick scheme with the armour being silver, something inherited from my Iron Raven space marines!

Day 74

Worked turned back to the Delaque today, washing the leather with Agrax and picking out the trim in gold – Didnt take too long to paint and was a nice change of pace from painting an entire army!

Day 75


The big day was finally here, the Purple Sparkly Unicorns 1 day 40k event! There was a great turnout and I had some brilliant games of Warhammer against 3 opponents I’d never played before!


Game 1 was against Gareth and his Khorne Daemons. It was a really close battle, but victory finally went to the Daemons!


Game 2 was against Paige and her Space Wolves! Was great fun to play against these, especially with all the current excitement about Saga of the Wolf! The Sisters managed to claim victory, thanks to a knife in the heart in the form of Celestine and the Mortifiers!


The final game of the event was against Rob and his mixed Daemon army! Another brilliant game that was really fun, the Sisters claimed victory to take me to 2 wins out of 3!

This was an excellent event, and I highly recommend popping down to future tournaments if you ever get the chance!

Day 76


Today found a gem while sorting out the hobby room – Epic Armageddon! This is the newest version of the Epic ruleset allowing you to pit massive armies against each other using 10mm scale miniatures – I hope we see a full return of Epic at some point, however for the time being the closest we have are Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautiica Imperialis, might the future bring us some infantry too?…

Day 77

Work continued on the Delaque today, with focus being on the faces and getting some highlights on the leather!

Day 78


With social distancing recommended, we retreated to the internet to do this week’s podcast, and it’s one of our biggest ever with a detailed look at the new Seraphon Battletome plus our report on the Weekend’s tournament! Please give it a listen and let us know what you think!


Day 79

And another week drew to a close with some finishing touches on the Delaque!

For the bases I used the same scheme as my Zone Mortalis scenery, to ensure they blended in!

So that is a jam packed 2 weeks of hobby. why not let us know what you have been up to over on twitter, and join in with the #Warhammer366 Hashtag!

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