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Next Week’s Preorders: Final Wave of Sisters!

Rejoice Adepta Sororitas fans! Your final wave of models are nearly here!

All of the below will be up for preorder from next Saturday morning from 10am.

Adepta Sororitas: Sisters of Battle Final Wave of Minis!

Yes! They are finally here!

Rounding off the new Sisters Codex are the final multipart kits.

The Repentia and dual Seraphim/Zephyrim start us off…

We then have the formidable Immolator. Check out that hunter killer missile!!

Sticking with the tank theme, the classic Sister’s Rhino is up next to ensure your ladies get into the thick of the action safely and pronto!

A nod to old classic HQ multipart kits we have the Canoness. I really hope this sees the return of multi-build HQ choices in a box!

The Imagifier and Dialogus round off the character choices.

And finally for the sisters we have their scenery piece, the Battle Sanctum! I’m after one of these for that 40k gaming board I’ve wanted to build for ages!

With the release of those kits you’ll be able to build the Sisters army of your dreams.

Next week also sees the preorder for new bases, 28.5mm and the latest issue of White Dwarf!

Don’t forget that tomorrow we’ll see, and I quote:

Tomorrow will see some incredible new miniatures revealed to be released later in March

Warhammer Community

You can check out our latest rumours nvolving the Saga of the Beast at this link. We are expecting the Saga of the Beast with all of the new minis accompanying it to be in next weeks preorder post!

For the full run down of next weeks preorders check out Warhammer Community.

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