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Forgeworld Pre-orders are up! Dark Angels Legion Inner Circle Knights Cenobium!

Up for pre-order from Forgeworld today we have the Dark Angels Legion Inner Circle Knights Cenobium.

The Cenobites of the Orders Militant are among the finest warriors of the First Legion, and each bears the most potent secrets and powerful weapons gathered by the Dark Angels over their many long years of battle. The Cenobites of the Inner Circle are called upon when that knowledge is the key by which the Legion might unlock victory in the most terrible of battlefields and most dire of campaigns. It is by the edge of their well-honed blades that the Dark Angels have conquered enemies beyond count.

Clad in the most exquisite Cataphractii Terminator Armour, each Knight carries a unique terranic greatsword and is covered in the iconography of the Dark Angels Legion. These proud warriors are ideal for wherever the fighting is the most brutal, as their armour protects them and their plasma-casters destroy enemy infantry with ease.

You can pre-order them here.

Surely it can’t be long before we see the Lion :O

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