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Fimir and Tamurkhan’s Horde Being Discontinued?

Over on the TGA Community forums it appears news is spreading that both the Fimir and Tamurkhan’s Horde models are being removed from the Forge World range.

Posters on the forum appear to have received emails stated the removal, and further posts show the US version of Forge World’s website showing the models as ‘Sold Out’.

At the time of writing they are still available on the UK store and they don’t have the ‘Last Chance to Buy’ icon next to them.

If they are on their way out then unfortunately this wouldn’t be a surprise. Over time Forge World discontinue some of their unpopular and slow sale lines to make room for new stuff.

If your looking to pick up any Fimir or Tamurkhan models it maybe best doing so sooner, rather than later.

Matt’s Tamurkhan

Matt has a Tamurkhan and has played a fair few games with his horde. In fact I played against Matt’s horde on our first Warhammer TV outing and then again on our first Age of Sigmar battle report!

More news when we get it!

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