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NOVA: War in Rohan, Plastic Saruman, Rohan Houses!

We’ve got our first look at the cover of the next Middle-Earth Expansion, War in Rohan!

Accompanying the book will be brand new Plastic Saruman and Grima!

What’s even cooler, is modular Rohan houses! Awesome!

Just like the incredible Lake-town House and the Hobbit-hole Upgrade Set, the new Rohan terrain kits are incredibly modular, flexible and scalable. If you saw Edoras and the Hall of Meduseld and thought I would literally give my left hand to live there, then these kits are for you. With incredible details and unparalleled customisation options letting you carve out a gorgeous corner of the Riddermark for yourself – try and build it without shedding a tear for the sheer beauty of it all. We dare you

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