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Next Week’s Preorders! More Warcry and Necromunda!

Time to look forward to what is up for preorder next Saturday following the release of Warcry!

As predicted, the other warbands are hot on the heels of the ones out at release. The Unmade, Splintered Fang and Corvus Cabal are incoming!

A second terrain pack for Warcry is also coming, with scenery from the Forbidden Power Expansion, Shattered Stormvault.

So that’s Warcry stuff, now onto Necromunda!

The Palatine Enforcers, the Arbites and security of the Hive cities, are coming!

These look awesome!!

Along with the normal assortment of cards and dice for them, we also have a new campaign book with rules for them as well as a new campaign, Law and Misrule, which will have a the gangs fighting for control!

Finally we have some new card packs for the campaign and Hired Guns.

More information on these upcoming preorders can be found here on Warhammer Community.

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