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Today’s Preorders! Warcry!

Help support the website by clicking this link and preordering through Element Games.

Warcry Starter Box

Want to start playing Warcry? Then grab this big box of goodies. Iron Golems and the Untamed Beast warbands are within this massive box, along with a load of scenery, the core rule book and masses of tokens

Warcry Rule Book

Planning on playing with your current armies? Then why not just pick up the rule book so that you can get to grips with how the game plays.

Cypher Lords

The third warband available at launch. These guys look amazing and I’ll definitely be picking some up soon.

Warcry Accessories

Theirs a plethora of accessories to purchase

Carry Case

Battle Plan Cards

Used to generate everything, from the layout of the table to the game objectives. Loads of combinations to make each battle different.

Corpsewrack Mausoleum

Including scenery and a board, for an alternative battlefield to play on.

Warcry Army Cards

Should you wish to use your existing armies you’ll need to pick up the relevant pack of cards.

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