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Next Week’s Preorder: Warcry!

After weeks of warband reveals, next week finally sees Warcry go up for preorder.

Players pit warbands against each other in a skirmish game which features multi level scenery and card decks.

Importantly to note before we go any further, this is a two week preorder. So up for preorder from next Saturday for release on the 3rd August.

So what’s up for preorder then? Well…

Starter Box

The main box of goodies. Packed with scenery, a game board, all the required cards, dice, rule books and of course…miniatures.

Within the box you get two warbands, the Iron Golems and the Untamed Beasts.

You also get a host of chaos monsters to add to your rosters.

If your looking to play Warcry, this box is a must have. That scenery is fantastic!

Core Rule Book

If your just looking to grab the rules then you can buy the core rules on its own.

Great if you looking to purchase one of the other Chaos warbands or want to use another faction (more on that shortly).

Cypher Lords

Also up for preorder is the Cypher Lords warband. I think these are my favourite right now.

The warband comes complete with ability and fighter cards so you’ll be ready to battle it out.

Ravaged Lands

Similar to Kill Team, Games Workshop are releasing scenery to use for your battles, starting with the graveyard set repackaged from Age of Sigmar.

Warband Cards

If you don’t fancy any of the chaos warbands but want to play Warcry, then your in luck!

Available to purchase will be packs of ability and fighter cards for most of the Age of Sigmar factions.

Battleplan Cards

Similar to the Open War cards, these will allow you to quickly generate your games, including game changing twists and victory conditions.

Ruler and Case

A rubber ruler, perfect for measuring around corners and up & down terrain is also up for preorder, along with a very handy carry case.

Are you planning on picking up Warcry? We most certainly are!

We’ll see more about how Warcry plays this coming Saturday at the Age of Sigmar Open Day at Warhammer World.

For more details on the Warcry preorders check out this link.

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