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The Sons of Horfrist-Grimnir : Matt’s Doubles Army

So it’s doubles time already and the Fyreslayers are ready for war! The Sons of Horfrist-Grimnir are my frosty Fyreslayers, and they have been eagerly awaiting putting their axes to use in a tournament. I had great fun putting these guys together, and even though I have 2000 points of them painted, I am very tempted to expand these out further with more units!

The List


So 1000 points isnt a lot to play with Fyreslayers, but I knew I had to get my favourite Battalion into the list – and that list is the Lords of The Lodge. This awesome battalion let’s the already super powerful Hearthguard Berzerkers pile in a second time! That’s a whole lot of chances to splatter a foe with Mortal Wounds, even with a minimum strength unit of them!

This is padded out with a reliable block of Vulkites and a handy Fyrewall to further augment my saves and provide a useful screen!

I’ve chosen Vostarg as my lodge as let’s face it my tactics amount to “Charge everthing”

Horfrist-Grimnir – Runefather on Magmadroth


The Runefather takes pride of place at the centre of my battleline dishing out the ability to run and charge (#chargeeverrything) and buff my guys with a +1 to hit, this makes Fyreslayers hot very hard indeed, especially in the beginning turns when they run full pelt across the board!



This guy has two jobs:

  1. Make my pretty good saves even better
  2. Stop magical schenaigans with this Nulsidion Icon

He generally spends the game following around the Hearthguard to make sure their ignore wounds goes off too!

Auric Runemaster


My next hero has a very similar job – make sure to get his prayers off to buff my saves! in the case of the doubles once the main line has advanced away from the forge, he can fall back and support the Dispossessed with his save enhancing abilities!

Hearthguard Berzerkers


Ah Hearthguard Berzerkers! What an awesome unit! 2 attacks each, and any hit of 6 does 2 mortal wounds in addition to any other damage! let them pile in twice with Lords of the Lodge and they become amazing! In a 2k list would take a lot more, but a 5 man unit can be deceptive and an unexpected threat until they hit your lines!

Vulkite Berzerkers


My 2nd battleline unit is a 10 man block of Vulkites – these guys are great at holding objectives, especially due to the fact they now have 2 wounds each and can pile in and attack after getting killed! with the amounts of buffs to saves in my list they can get to seriously silly levels of defensiveness!

The Fyreslayers will be teaming up with Jay’s Dispossessed – so his job will be holding all our objectives while my Slayers charge headlong into the enemy turn one…

We’ll let you know how they get on after the event!

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