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New Store Anniversary Exclusive Miniatures!

Today on Warhammer Community they have announced two brand new Store Anniversary minis!

A store anniversary is basically your local store’s birthday, and next year to celebrate this feat you’ll be able to purchase the following two miniatures.

First we have a new Space Marine, Sergeant Jovan (along with the remains of a poor Ork…). He’s in cool pose, with his chainsword resting after ending the life of the Ork on the base.

So he is cool. But the next model, in my opinion, is awesome. Meet Knight-Questor Larissa Shadowstalker!

She looks amazing! The pose! That weapon! And she’s going to come with some Monster hunting rules too.

These will be available to purchase at your local store on their anniversary next year. These won’t be limited stock either, as you’ll be able to order them on the day for delivery to your store or to your home.

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