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Warcry available to buy 20th July! Age of Sigmar Open Day

Some cool news regarding the upcoming Age of Sigmar Open Day on the 20th July, it looks like Warcry will be available to purchase at the show according to a Games Workshop newsletter regarding the show!

Join us at Warhammer World on the 20th of July! We’ve got a full day planned, with lots of things to see and do. It will also be the first chance you’ll have to try out (and purchase!) Warcry, the fast-paced, skirmish-level game pitting bands of Chaos-worshipping warriors against each other.


I suspect this means that the game will be available to pre order on the 13th July, so not long to go until we can try out this awesome looking new game!

We actually saw one of the new warbands, the Corvus Cabal at the UK Games Expo over the weekend, so make sure to check out our coverage!

Tickets to the Open Day at £18 and are available here

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  1. Exciting! I wonder if all the warbands will be out at release or if it’ll be staggered like shadespire


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