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Podcast: Sylvaneth Battletome + Forbidden Power

Apple Podcast Fans! Sorry for the delay, however the podcast is now available on your format!

Bumper packed show this week!

We have a in-depth look at the leaked contents of the upcoming Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Battletome with our tree expert Jay. Matt gives us a look at the contents of the Forbidden Power Expansion too.

We have our Top 3 teasers from Games Workshop and the latest news. Hobby updates and the community Top 3s also feature. 

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  1. Top 3 for me:

    3) Death Guard army starting with a massive horde of poxwalkers
    2) Raven Guard kill team to try out the black and white contrast paints
    1) Tzeentch daemons to try out those bright vibrant contrast paints


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