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Today’s Preorders: Halflings for Blood Bowl, Jericho for Necromunda

You can help support Sprues & Brews, from the website to the podcast by placing your preorder through one of the below Element Games links!

A slightly quieter week for Warhammer preorders this week, however if your into your specialist games it may not feel like it!

Blood Bowl

Halflings: Greenfield Grasshuggers

If you find Blood Bowl too easy, then the Halflings maybe what you need. Renowned for being Blood Bowl on Hard mode, these guys are full of character. I know Mat’s treating himself to these!

As with all Blood Bowl new teams you’ve got a plethora of additional stuff available too. You’ve got the dice and cards for starters, and a double sided pitch. The latest issue of Spike! has your rules covered.

For those wanting to add some return models to the pitch, available for just the one single week are the classic Treeman and Halfling Hot Pot as part of the Made to Order scheme.

You can also preorder Deeproot Strongbranch, a Star Player for the Halflings via Forge World.


Kal Jericho and Scabs

The famous bounty hunter, and his sidekick, return to the tabletop. Plastic minis too! These are really tempting me to finally delve properly into Necromunda!

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