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Podcast: Hobby Innovations

On this week’s podcast, in preparation for the incoming Contrast paints, Dave, Matt and Jay chat about the various new products Games Workshop have released over the years to help make gaming, painting and building miniatures that little bit easier and more fun!

Our Top 3 focuses on our favourite hobby innovations, and we of course read out the community picks on the show as well. The latest news also features, including some new Kickstarter launches, more on Forbidden Power and new Necromunda releases. 

Atlantis Miniatures Wood Elves Kickstarter

London Masters Guide on Kickstarter

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  1. My top 3 teasers:

    3) ‘Flight. Redefined.’ for Orktober buggies.

    2) ‘Reset the Clock’ for the Squat Necromunda mercenary
    Note the plastic sisters of battle and plastic thunderhawk clocks at the start, one of which we will be getting.
    Still holding out hope for more squats.

    1) The 3 videos for Contrast


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