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Adepticon 2019: Slaanesh, Fyreslayers, 40k Apocalypse, Forbidden Power & More!

My goodness, what a packed studio preview this is!!

Let’s start with the Age of Sigmar reveals…

Hedonites Of Slaanesh

No messing, this is huge. New Battletome, Endless Spells and models for the Dark Prince. Including for the first time in plastic, a Keeper Of Secrets!

Forbidden Power

The Stormvaults are opening, and we now know what this means, new relics and endless spells! Usable by every faction, some of these minis look superb.

This expansion will continue to tale started in the Soul Wars.


Matt’s Fristy Fyreslayers are in for a treat! A new Battletome for the duradin. Whilst their appears to be no new minis, their will be Magmic Invocations (read endless spells equivalent). Summonable fire monsters!

Oh, and a scenery piece too!


A new Sigmar battlebox was teased, which appears to be Sylvaneth Vs Gloomspite!


We’ve had a better look at the Iron Golems, one of the new Chaos factions for the upcoming Skirmish game Warcry.

As well as the new Furies and Raptoryxes

9 non-Chaos factions will have rules at launch also

Warhammer Underworlds: Kharadrons Overlords

The Overlords, previously announced as incoming to Underworlds were shown off!

That’s a lot of Sigmar! Now, to 40k…


Yes, massive Warhammer 40,000 battles return, only this time with its own rule set and wait for it…movement trays!

The idea behind this new game system for 40k is to make epic large scale battles faster and more cinematic.

Upcoming Campaigns

That’s really the start and end of 40k reveals, however the preview team did say that later this year they’ll be looking at other warzones across the galaxy now that Vigilus has concluded.

Fifty Shelves Of Grey

A very amusing video was shown hinting at something new to help rid us of grey plastic, unpainted models. Whilst probably not your own personal Peachy and Duncan, I’m excited to find out what this could be!

Community Survey

15th April will see the launch of this year’s Community Survey

Finish the survey and you could win a Sisters Of Battle Army!

One More Thing!

A second independent event exclusive model was revealed, which can be purchased at Adepticon

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