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Today’s Preorders: New Start Collecting for Maggotkin & Deepkin + New Underworld Tiles!

Looking for a new Age of Sigmar army? Perhaps wanting to expand your forces?

Up for preorder today we have two new Start Collecting boxes. One for the Maggotkin of Nurgle and the other for the Idoneth Deepkin!

We also have some new boards for Warhammer Underworld too.

Don’t forget, it’s the Black Library Celebration day today, so if your near a Games Workshop remember to pop in and pick up Severina Raine, of Honourbound fame, an Imperium Commissar.

Start Collecting Maggotkin Of Nurgle

1x Lord of Blights armed with a bubotic hammer and vermid shield
5x Putrid Blightkings wielding a variety of scythes, mauls, axes and flails, including the option of building a Blightlord, Icon Bearer and a Sonorous Tocsin as well as loads of options for customisation
2x Pusgoyle Blightlords, each mounted on an enormous Rot Fly, including the option of building one as the deadly airborne Lord of Affliction

Start Collecting Idoneth Deepkin

1x Isharann Soulrender – a Hero to lead your army who can restore fallen Namarti to life
10x Namarti Thralls – a deadly close-combat unit that carves enemies apart with Lanmari blades, with an optional icon bearer and various aesthetic customisation choices
3x Akhelian Guard – assemble yours as unbreakable Ishlaen Guard or lightning-spewing Morrsarr Guard

Warhammer Underworlds Forbidden Chambers Board Pack

Give yourself extra tactical options in Warhammer Underworlds with this special double-sided board pack! This board section has been expertly designed to offer new challenges and opportunities for your warband. On one side, you’ll find a group of three lethal hexes make for a deadly deterrent, while the other lets you keep your warband close together with three adjacent starter hexes. If you’re looking to surprise your foes and shake up your strategy, this set is for you!

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