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This Week’s Preorders: Carrion Empire! Skaven/Flesh Eaters! Genestealer Cultists Wave 2!

Remember when you’d have one or two items up for preorder from Games Workshop?

Those days are long gone.

What’s up for preorder right now?

Age of Sigmar

Carrion Empire

An absolutely massive box of awesome, it’s Skaven Vs Flesh Eater Courts!


– 1 Abhorrant Archregent

– 20 Crypt Ghouls

– 3 Crypt Horrors

– 3 Crypt Flayers

– 1 Warlock Bombardier

– 1 Doomwheel

– 1 Warp Lightning Cannon

– 3 Stormfiends

The box also includes:

– The 40-page Carrion Empire book

– A Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules booklet

– A Token sheet

– 8 warscroll cards

Perfect way to kick start an army, or add to existing forces.

Battletome Skaven

All the Clans, back together again. Crammed full of battalions, artefacts and two types of spell lores. Yes-yes!!

Skaven Endless Spells

The Vermintide commeth! Oh and a bell and Warp Lighting!

Skaven Dice

Warhammer dice, only with warp stone. Warp stone makes you roll better, right?

Skaven Gnawholes

Our first Skaven scenery piece! Perfect for re-deploying your rats and messing with any best laid plans your opponent may have come up with!

Battletome: Flesh Eater Courts

For those who prefer at least a bit of skin on their undead, it’s the return of the Flesh Eater Courts. Their latest tome gives them lots of different army building options

Flesh Eater Endless Spells

Perfect for making your opponents think twice, these endless spells are down right horrifying for your opponents. Also usable by Nagash!

Charnel Throne

With its own warscroll which will buff your nearby Flesh Eaters, not only does this synergise well with your army, but will also look awesome on the battlefield.

Warscroll Cards

Exactly what it says on the, erm, cards. A set for each new Battletome


Flesh Eater Courts

Warhammer 40,000

Time to top up your Genestealer Cultists with the second wave of new releases!

Achilles Ridgerunner

A new ride for the Cultists! Perfect for supporting your bikers and adding some more firepower quickly where you need it most.


Whereas Genestealers may rip you to shreds, these guys will pound you into the ground. From what I hear, combined with the right character buffs and stratagems these guys are horrific to face.


Armed with a power sledgehammer, a fantastic additional HQ choice for your cult.


Thought those Aberrants weren’t nails enough? Well this guy buffs them!

That’s a lot of stuff!

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