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Las Vegas Open: The Big Reveals!

Nothing was traveled, you can all go back to bed now…

Oh…who am I kidding!

It’s really early in the morning, so excuse any mistakes in this post, but I had to type up what’s just been shown off on Warhammer Community!

New Battletomes

Every Grand Alliance will be getting a new battle tome.

That image alone suggests the following:

– Stormcast Eternals

– Fyreslayers

– Soulblight

– Tzeentch

– Ogres

The first battle time post Gloomspite however is Blades of Khorne!

New Skulltaker! He looks brilliant!

Whilst not casters (no magic when it comes to Khorne!) they are still getting some kind of endless spells. Endless Prayers?

New Age of Sigmar Expansion

Second announcement, and this is huge.

I must know more! Forbidden Power is the name of the first expansion of Age of Sigmar post Soul Wars. Is the Stormvault a new chamber for the Stormcast?!

New Skirmish for Sigmar?

From the makers of Underworlds and Kill Team…

Could this be the Sigmar Kill Team/Skirmish we’ve craved?! We’ll have to wait and see.

Ylthari’s Guardians – Sylvaneth Warband for Underworlds

Branching out now into Underworlds!

These look fantastic, and the article seems to hint at more to come for the Sylvaneth too!

Based on the Spite-Revenants and Tree-Revenants, these mystical guardians feature design elements from across the entire Sylvaneth range, making for a characterful group. But that’s not all they are…

Shadowspear: New 40k Battle Box

Oh boy…

Brand new Battle Box, pitting Chaos Space Marines (Black Legion specifically) against Primaris Space Marines.

Every model in the box is BRAND NEW. Check these out!!!

That new Librarian! New Snipers! New Chaos Marines! THOSE OBLITERATORS! New Daemon Engine – Venomcrawler.

[insert squeal here]

More contents to come! Big proper reveal coming soon.

Warhammer Community & Warhammer Heroes

New survey incoming

Along with a regular Sisters of Battle bulletin.

And the latest host of Warhammer Heroes announced!

And finally…


We’ve seen his herald, and now we’ve got a sneak peek of the man himself.

It’s Abaddon!! The Warmaster himself!!

How am I expected to go back to sleep now?!

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