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New Horus Heresy Models Revealed! Blood Angel & Night Lord fans rejoice!

Warhammer Community have just dropped some images of upcoming Horus Heresy models that will be available to buy during the Horus Heresy Weekender on the 2nd/3rd February (which has sold out!).

First up, Night Lord fans will be able to pick up two new Praetors, one in Terminator armour, the other with a jump pack.

They are also getting their own Leviathan!

We also have a new Mechanicum tank with transport capability, the Ordinatus Aktaeus!

The real pick of the article however are the Crimson Paladins.


A brand new Blood Angels unit!

The article finishes with a tease…

Oh – and there’s one more thing. Something SO AWESOME we couldn’t fit it into the article. Something Forge World fans have been looking forward to for a very, very long time. We’ll have more on just what that is very soon…

Now we think this is regarding the book itself, Malevolence. Whether or not that’ll be able to be bought during the Weekender is unknown at present. Or could they be teasing a model for the Primarch himself, Sanguinius?

More news soon!


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