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Gloomspite Gitz: New Minis Revealed!

Yesterday Matt posted a piece of the upcoming new Battletome, Gloomspite Gitz. Well now we know that this book combines Moonclan, Troggoths and Spiderfang clans.

Today, Warhammer Community has posted a selection of new minis!

If your a fan of gobbos, your in for a treat.

Here we go:

Skragrott, The Loonking

That gobbo king from the trailer? He’s a new leader for the Gitz.

He looks brilliant! The article seems to suggest he’s on a level with Morthai!

I really like the squigs holding his cape!


New plastic Fanatics! With the option to build a Loonsmasha!

Endless Spells

Keeping up with the themed endless spells, the Gloomspite now their own!

Very Spiderfang themed!

The Bad Moon Loonshrine

Another tradition with new AoS armies is a terrain piece!


New multipart Squigs!

So yeah…lots of really cool new stuff!

What’s more, Warhammer Community have said this isn’t close to the amount of new minis coming for Gloomspite Gitz.


New massive Squig beast surely on its way? ! Pretty please Games Workshop!

Matt also screen grabbed themed dice!

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