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Vigilus Weekender Breaking News! Campaign Book, New Minis!

Wow! New stuff incoming!

We are here at Warhammer World for the Vigilus Open Day as part of the Weekender. And, as always we’ve got new stuff.

Let’s stop wasting time and dive right in!

Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant [Campaign Book]

This sounds awesome. A brand new book dedicated to the conflict on Vigilus. We had a chat with one of the designers, so here’s some info on what’s within the tome:

– Structured Campaign; Representing different parts of the conflict.

– War Zones; Different rules to represent the ever changing battle zones that you’ll be fighting over. The rule book suggests with each campaign mission which works best.

– Datasheets; New models will be released alongside the book, more on those shortly. The rules for these will appear in here.

– Imperial Armour Inspired; The layout of the book will be heavily inspired by Imperial Armour, with it opening with lots of background and lore, before feeding into the rules and datasheets.

– Specialist Formations; This is very cool! So for the cost of a few CP you can ‘upgrade’ detachments to unlock special rules, and even alternative Warlord traits and wargear. The example the gent gave us was a Imperial Fists detachment of Devastators and Centurions. You could make them specialists in demolitions!

Volume 1; The spine of the book has the number 1 on it. So more campaign books to come!

Ultramarine Reinforcements

That teaser from the other day? New Ultramarines!

Marneus Calgar & Honour Guard

Man these look so, so awesome!

Genestealer Cultists

Genestealers, on bikes. Brilliant scaled. Very, very cool.

Haarkan Worldclaimer

A brand new Black Legion character. One of the designers mentioned that this guy slams his spear into the ground and gives himself a deadline to control the planet!

Warbringer Titan

A brand new Forge World Titan! The Warbringer!

New Chaos Daemons

We’ve seen the new plastic kits for Wrath and Rapture. The already shown plastic hounds and fiends, but now we’ve also seen Karanak and a new character for Slaanesh with a harp.


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