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Adeptus Titanicus: New Warlord, Knights and Boards

Warhammer Community have announced some new additions for Adeptus Titanicus from Forge World.

The first one being the introduction of an alternative build for the Warlord Titan.

You’ll be able to add a differently armed Warlord Titan to your maniples, with the release of a new version of the plastic kit, complete with a pair of Sunfury plasma annihilators – high-powered plasma weapons capable of burning through even Titan armour – and an optional Arioch Titan power claw, for those Princeps who want to get up close and personal. The kit also comes with a pair of carapace-mounted laser blasters and two choices of head.

He looks pretty awesome!

You’ll be able soon to pick up some different knights too, with the popular Cerastus Knight Lancers getting the Titanicus treatment.

Finally, we have boards coming from Forge World to battle over. Each detailed with ruined buildings and perfect for your Titanicus scenery to sit on for the ultimate Titan battling experience!

All these products will be up for preorder through Forge World by the end of the month.

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