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Cult of Paint: Airbrushes for Miniature Painters Kickstarter

Element Games have just launched their latest Kickstarter for a range of new Airbrushes aimed at Miniature Painters! I have been tempted to pick up a decent airbrush for a long time, and these look great from the details on the Kickstarter!

Two models are available – the Cult of Paint Evolution for £140 and the more advanced Cult of Paint Infinity for £195. Alongside these are also some add ons such as compressors, cleaning kits, Opus brushes and even dice!

You have just 4 days to make your pledge – so make sure to check them out!


 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

Andy Talks CoP Infinity
 project video thumbnail

Andy talks about the two CoP Brushes
Painted by Andy using CoP Airbrushes
Painted by Andy using CoP Airbrushes
Painted by Andy using CoP Airbrushes - Gold winner at SMC 2018
Painted by Andy using CoP Airbrushes – Gold winner at SMC 2018

Risks and challenges

Coordinating between design, logistics, and manufacture whilst trying to bring a new product to life is no easy task, the last year has been spent fine tuning both the airbrushes we are creating, and the supply chain used for producing them.

Simple supply chains and pre-existing relationships between the manufacturers, artists/designers, and product testers are going to ensure a smooth running schedule. Some of the world’s most acclaimed painters have been on the testing team, ensuring quality of feedback.

Our working prototypes have been manufactured using exactly the same means and processes of production as the full release, this will minimise production risks in terms of quality and timescales.

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  1. Hmm, interesting. The design is beautiful, but I have to wonder about enticing new hobbyists into purchasing an airbrush. You can purchase an Iwata or Badger for cheaper. You can also get cheaper knockoffs, if you just want to dink around and not make a huge monetary investment.

    Painting a 25-30mm miniature with an airbrush isn’t too feasible with an airbrush, because of the width of the spray. Note the gigantic size of the “mini” in the video.

    I use (and love) my airbrush for priming, but it’s a big chunk of change to spend just for priming. I might be able to get some base colors down in large areas, but the chances of that saving a “lot of time” when painting, is not that often.

    Hopefully it all goes well, but I also really hope people don’t get suckered in thinking they are getting a great deal and that they will be able to easily airbrush their minis instead of painting them!


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