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This Week’s GW Preorders

And it’s Saturday morning once again! Time for some Games Workshop preorders!

As previewed earlier in the week, most of this week’s preorders are based around helping you to hobby, with lots of scenery Bundles and paint sets.

So first up:

Scenery Bundles

Sector Imperialis

Derelict Factorum

A brand new set, that combines Imperalis and Mechanicus. Will have to get one of these!

Thermic Plasma Nexus

A collection of plasma based scenery, all of which can be connected to the already available Imperalis and Mechanicus sets.

Sector Mechanicus Munitorum Munitions Hub

A great collection of munitions crates

Azyrite Townscape

Combing some of the older Age of Sigmar ruins with new multilayered push fit kits. Perfect for adding scenery to your games in the Mortal Realms!

Desolated Township

A selection of the previously available ruins and the Age of Sigmar objectives

Vale of Ghyran

Matt calls this set ‘Start Collecting Sylvaneth’, as you always need Wyldewoods!

Paint Sets

Handle XL

A handle perfect for larger models, such as the Redempter Dreadnought

Assembly Handle

New Water Pot

Ultimate Project Set

Project Paint Set

Base & Shade Set

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